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Yes, there is.
Final Fantasy XIV Online, is the fourteenth entry in the Final Fantasy series, due for release in 2010 for playstation-3 and Microsoft Windows. It will be released simultaneously in all regions. Like Final-Fantasy-XI, Final Fantasy XIV is a massively-multiplayer-online-game. The game takes place in a land called Eorzea.

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When Square Soft created the first final fantasy, they were going bankrupt; hence the name 'final' fantasy. The game was such a hit that the company made it out of bankruptcy and continued the series.

The first of the series was made when Square Enix was going downhill, it seemed as if the company was going to become bankrupt, the original in the final fantasy series was going to be the last game they ever released. The success of the game however saved the company.

The official, main series game: Final Fantasy XIII will not be released on the PSP, but one of the titles of the Fabula Nova Crystallis Project will. It is called Final Fantasy Agito XIII

There is going to be a Final Fantasy 14

Yes. It is going to be another MMORPG, similar to Final Fantasy XI. It will be released for the PC, and the PS3, and Beta testing is currently underway.

There is another Final Fantasy movie. It came out years before Advent Children. It's Called Final Fantasy:The Spirits Within. I'm sure there will be another at some point.

When Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the series, started making Final Fantasy, the company he worked for released another game. They assumed that game would be a great success, but it wasn't. Sakagushi was going to cancel the production of this last game because they lost so much money, but by then the game was too far into the production phase so he decided to scrap the end of it together and hope for some sales to reimburse his loss. Assuming this would be his last game, he titled it 'Final Fantasy'. The game was a success (A big one, if you remember), and Final Fantasy II played off of that success. From there the series became what we're familiar with.

A common question, the answer is very simple; SquareSoft was going bankrupt and the first Final Fantasy was to be their last game, it was to be their final fantasy game. as we all know, they did not go bankrupt, Final Fantasy saved them.Signed,Phoenix

No, All final fantasy games are different. if you pick up final fantasy 7 and then get final fantasy 8, there's going to be a change in: characters, time zones, worlds, etc. the only real thing that's the same is the magic system. spells like fira, firaga, thundara,etc. are found throughout all the games. If you're new to final fantasy, i suggest you play final fantasy 7. it is the top rated ff in the world!Final Fantasy 7 has a storyline followed through by several games, on multiple platforms.Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-II are the only games in the series to be direct sequels; the 7Compilation is more of a focus shift.

The answer is no. It's a brand new Final Fantasy with brand new charecters. DevilBoii: Actuly they have already started makeing a new one its called Final Fantasy XII-2

it is out now watch it on

Actually, couple of years after the release of Final Fantasy X, the Square Enix released the sequel, called Final Fantasy X-2. This sequel is usually considered to be worse than the original and is only used as a story connector. As for a remake of the game, no.

no,but they will remake final fantasy 7 for psp to follow crisis core. No, you are wrong about the FFVII remake, they are NOT making one yet, they have said they MIGHT do it but that wasnt till FFXIII and its series of games were over with and even then they still might not do it.

Apart from Crisis Core? Yes, he appears several times in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children/Final Fantasy: Advent Children Complete. NOTE: I'm not saying he appears alive in these movies.

The maker is not doing hes best. He must work harder so we can play final fantasy sonic x7

There was a Final Fantasy 7 coming for the PS3, but i believe its only in japan for now? but i sure hope theres more...

I have heard there is going to be another series which is going to be released in 2011

No, Square Enix is planning on releasing the majority of its upcoming and current games, including Final Fantasy XIII, as PS3 exclusives.

There has not been a final yet, the series is still going on.

i think that the series is over but i think that they are going to make the final act in English hopefully with the same actors from the first series

Yes, there will be another series aired in 2011.

No. They're going to try to make it like Final Fantasy. (A different game) :]

my theory...back in the day squaresoft was going out of business anthey had one last final decision...they called it final antasy