Is there hyenas in Lebanon?

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From 10 years ago Lebanon was full of hyenas but now because of the deforestation and the uncontrolled hunting there is still a little bit of hyenas and bears.
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Where is Lebanon?

The country of Lebanon is mountainous, bounded on the north and east by Syria , on the west by the Mediterranean and on the south by Israel . Between the parallel mountains ranges of Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon lies the fertile Bekka Valley. About one-half of the country lies at an altitude of ove ( Full Answer )

What is a hyena?

the hyena lives in Africa and Asia. it is part cat part dog and it won't usually hunt its own food it eats remains of a lion or leopards meal. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Actually] Hyenas do hunt down most of their fo ( Full Answer )

What is the diet of a hyena?

Hyena's are an umbrella term used for several different species ofrelated animals. The diet of all of the species classified ashyenas are omnivorous which means they eat both plants and animals.Hyenas are notorious scavengers.

Are hyenas scavengers?

Yes and no, they mainly hunt for their food with their clans, but if they come across and dead animal or a carcass, they'll eat it.

Where do hyenas live?

In Africa Other species of Hyenas also live in Asia, Middle East, India. Africa, Asia, Middle East, India

What are facts about hyenas?

hyenas have an average life span of 12 years and can live up to 25 years in captivity. It digs holes

Are hyenas dogs?

Contrary to popular belief, hyenas are not related to dogs or cats. They are in a completely different family. The only animal that is related to the hyena is the aardwolf.

What are the names of the hyenas?

There are generally three types of Hyenas.. (1) The spotted Hyena ( most popular). (2) The Brown Hyena. ... and .... (3) The stripped Hyena. I hope I've answered your questions!

What adaptations does a hyena have?

-The Hyena communicates using a high pitch scream that is too high for humans to hear. -The Hyena has very strong jaws, which can crush bones or even tusks. - Hyena's have long tongues, to lick bark off of trees, to eat ants.

What eats hyenas?

lions are the main predators of Hyenas. Some tribes used to eat hyaena in Africa and Asia... It was considered a magical animal and had healing powers...In the Muslim religion it is generally forbidden to eat carnivorous animals .but the Hyaena is an omnivore as it eats also fruits and vegetables, s ( Full Answer )

How do hyenas get oxygen?

Spotted hyenas eat their own poopie and they like to pee on it to add flavour.

Can hyenas laugh?

no, hyenas cant laugh but they make a chuckling noise that sounds like a laugh. =)

Why do hyenas laugh?

It's not a laugh like a human laugh, those vocalisations are far reaching ways of hyenas to communicate with their clan. Hyenas are social animals which live in huge groups (called clans) that may be spread out over a large area. They depend on numbers to scavange effectively from other predators, s ( Full Answer )

Is a hyena a feline?

Hyenas are neither canine nor feline. They belong to their own family, the Hyaenidae, which includes the three species of hyena (spotted, striped and brown), and their relative, the aardwolf. The Hyaenidae family is placed on the Feliformia (cat-like) branch of the order Carnivora, along with the fa ( Full Answer )

Are hyenas scavangers?

Hyenas do eat carrion - the flesh of dead animals - but they will hunt and kill for themselves as well. Any wounded or sick animals or the young of almost any other animal are possible prey to hyenas.

Do hyenas have adaptations?

Yes, they have very long tounges that let them lick the the bark of of trees. This is a major way in which they gather food. They also gather lots of food like ants for their young.

Where are hyenas found?

Three of the four species of hyena are found in sub-Saharan Africa, and the fourth is found in northern and eastern Africa, as well as Asia from the middle east to India.

Why are Hyenas Dangerous?

Hyenas are dangerous because they are aggressive, have verypowerful jaws, and travel in packs. This makes them a threat toeven the most fearsome and deadly animals.

Do hyenas camouflage?

In a way, yes. There fur colors and patterns allow them to blend into different environments.

How big are hyenas?

Hyenas are about 6 1/2 feet long (including a 12inch tail) weighing 175 pounds. 3 feet tall and 6 and a half feet long ;)

Are hyenas carnivores?

yes they would bite you if they had a chance The striped hyena is an omnivore; all other hyenas are purely carnivores. . A Hyena is an omnivore.. I hope I've answered your question!

What family is a hyena from?

A hyena is in the family Hyaenidae. Although these animals look alot like dogs, they are actually much more closely related to cats.

What size are hyenas?

The spotted hyena typically weighs 110 to 180lbs and is 3 to 5 feet in length. Also, the female is generally a little larger than the male

Is hyena a detritivore?

yes in that it eats dead animals. however a hyena is correctly termed a scavenger not detritivore.

How does hyenas die?

On the movie The Lion King, Scar and the hyenas died before Simba became the king.

What kills hyenas?

i think that lions or maybe tigers and bears would eat hyenas. but if i were you i wouldn't listen to my answer!!!!!!!!! LOL!

Where is a hyena found?

there is 4 kind of hyena in the world one of them is spotted hyena the other can be a striped hyena. all the hyena in the world live in every continent but Antarctica.

Do hyenas migrate?

Heyen's do not migrate. they stay in one general place to hunt for food and water and essental needs. Hyena are very smart! Yes

How does a hyena move?

WITH Its F E E T !! True... A Hyena's shoulders don't move but they're back legs move like hips. Because they're back legs are smaller than their front, Hyena's kind of 'skip' when they run. Also their heads are always faced to the ground producing a 'hunched' look.

What species is the hyena in?

Hyenas are in the family Hyaenidae ; there are multiple hyena species across three distinct genera within this family.

Do hyenas howl?

If I am correct sort of their "laugh" might be considered a howl... I'm pretty sure they do.

Do hyenas have whiskers?

Yes, they likely serve a similar purpose to that of a cat's whiskers; to find the right place to bite on its prey.

Do hyenas eat dead hyenas?

They might but not their family. If a hyena gets attacked and gets killed and the family members see it get killed they don't eat it. The same with the different kinds of hyenas like a striped hyena wont eat a striped hyena or a brown hyena won't eat a brown hyena and so on. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ( Full Answer )

Who are hyenas related to?

Hyenas are related to cats right? Wrong. I think they are related to dogs. It's just like lions. Scientists think lions are related to cats, but can they climb? No. Do they meow? No. ( Yes, other wild cats can meow.) Hyenas look like dogs, act like them, bark like them, and howl and hunt like them. ( Full Answer )

What kills a hyenas?

adult hyenas are killed by lions in rare circumstances over food disputes. humans probably kill more hyenas than any other predator. they are mostly scavengers but when they do hunt they can suffer from injuries resulting in death by being kicked in the head or mouth which prevents them from eating. ( Full Answer )

What do hyenas drink?

Hyenas drink water like cats and dogs but they just eat animals they they kill or find the remands of.

How do hyenas survive?

Hyenas survive by eating, staying healthy, and traveling with their clan. They are mainly scavengers, but they also hint some of their food.

Do hyenas hunt? groups I would classify hyenas as being more opportunist than hunter, as they are the best in the art of tribal scavenging. They are bullies and pro's at intimidating an animal who's distracted by chowing down on a fresh kill. Hyenas can be pests until the feasting animals give up and let the ( Full Answer )

Is Mount Lebanon in Lebanon?

Mount Lebanon was a province in Lebanon during the ottoman period, the French expanded it to become Lebanon. Currently, Mount Lebanon is one of 6 governorates of Lebanon, and is situated in the middle.

Is hyena a noun?

Yes, the word 'hyena' is a noun , a word for a type ofanimal, a word for a thing.

What is the hyena killed by?

Lion: the lions worstest enimie is the hyena they will fight to the death. Lions kill hyenas and hyenas kill lions. from yameem hoque (proffesinal wildlife Expert)

What is a cackle of hyenas?

A cackle of hyenas Is a group of them. Much like you would say a pride of lions.

Are hyenas evil?

No. While The Lion King might have demonized hyenas for you, hyenas are just like any other carnivorous mammal. They are just normal creatures fighting to survive like the rest of us. The reason why they hunt other animals is because in the wild where they live, it's a "kill or be killed" system, so ( Full Answer )

How strong is a hyena?

Hyenas have the most powerful bite force of all mammals of the animal kingdom. I believe they have a bite force of at least 2000 lbs per square inch, but it could be more.

How has the hyena adapted?

one thing that helps them is their fur and is help them because they have had it their whole life and if they didnt have it they would probley like die

Why are hyenas named laughing hyenas?

Hyenas are name laughing hyenas because if you listen to a tape of a noise they make at night time while hunting for food it will sound like a mean laugh.

Where do hyenas eat at?

sometimes they will eat in shade on hot days but hide the food from any animal

Why do hyena laugh?

The spotted hyena's call only sounds like laughter, they are not really laughing. They make this sound when excited.