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Is there kapok tree in the Amazon rainforest?


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Type your answer here... yes

they can grow from 200-300 feet, and are extremly important to the rainforest.

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The biggest plant in the Amazon rainforest is the Kapok Tree. The Kapok Tree can get as large as 200 feet tall.

the kapok tree can be found in the emergent layer of the amazon rainforest

the rainforest tree ^^ Yea right. One tree is called the Kapok tree and stands over 200ft tall...

well theres lots 2 of them are the Brazil nut tree and the kapok tree.

the Kapok tree is the largest tree in the amazon. ruchita

The Kapok Tree is the biggest tree of the Amazon rainforest, as it can grow to 200 feet tall and the trunk can be 10 or 11 feet in diameter. This big tree is usually the home of many other species from insects to frogs and birds, it also offer support for tree climbers and bromeliads. Another common visitor of the Kapok trees are the bats attracted by the trees flowers smell. They are actually the ones that fertilize the Kapok over the Amazon rainforest as they spread the pollen of these flowers since they are so eager to eat the sweet nectar.

They are found in the amazon rainforest

These Amazon rainforest trees have been known to be 200-230 ft. tall at the most.

The tallest tree in the Amazon rain forest is the Kapok Tree. It can grow as tall as 200 feet and the trunk can be 11 feet in diameter. The oldest tree in the Amazon, on the other hand, is the Bristlecone Pine.

Ferns, the ginger plant,the amazon orchid,the world largest water lily,Kapok Tree and many more.

The kapok tree is used for sick people that live in the rainforest to eat or lick.

The Amazon rainforest has over 700 different species of trees and over 1400 species of plants. Just to name a few flora: there are more than 2700 species of bromeliads, orchids, water lily, 40 different species of Heliconia, Kapok tree - biggest tree in the Amazon rainforest - grows 200 feet tall.

The kapok and the brazil nut tree are two.

Well a Kapok Tree Is found in the Congo rain forest because it needs water and sun to survive But not to much sun.

the answer to this question would be a kapok tree!! plus others

there are many endangered species in the Amazon rainforest some of them being Kapok tree, bromiliads, mangroves, ecuadorian Rainforset Flower, Rafflesia flower and all of the 25 000 species of orchards.

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There is a tree called a Kapok tree and it grows 13 feet and produces up to 5000 fruits at a time. You could use this to build a house and also eat at the same time.

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Fruits do not grow on the kapok tree

The rainforest contains some of the most exotic and plentiful tree populations in existence. The tree most have heard of is the Kapok tree, but there is also the Lemon Aspen, White Aspen, Red Tulip Oak, and many more.

A Great number of flora grow in the rainforest. In the Amazon, there are 2700 species of Bromeliads, there are also orchids, water lilies, heliconia, and kapok trees.

Tree porcupines live in the amazon rainforest.

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