Is there life after your husband leaves you?

I think we can go on. I think we should go on. the only thing I don't like is when I hear women my age going out with many men and having lots of sex with differ ant partners. I can't not do that I don't want to .I respect myself and my potential partner. I love sex maybe to much but, I am very shy when it comes to giving it. I need a connection. I need to feel sexy and only a man can do that. IF He does then DAM look out baby you will be blow away. I am 50 AND HAVE HAD 4 RELATIONSHIPS. All ending in marriage and all ending when the sex stopped. I am the poorest divorcee' this side of the Hudson. but, truthfully when the sex is gone so am I. I LOVE TO BE MARRIED . I work 5days a week and love to cook and come home every night. IS there something wrong with me? No, i just want to be loved for the person I am. who is beautiful, strong, loving , faithful to no end. So I look forward to my next love. I know your out there. don't worry if its met to be I will find you.