Is there life on other planets?

Of course. Just looking at all the places that life not only exists but thrives, places that humans would be killed, proves that life can exist in even the harshest conditions.

Also it's the height of human arrogance to believe that in the incredible vastness of the universe, among billions of stars and billions of planets, that we just happen to be on the ONLY place that's capable of supporting life.


The thermodynamic theory of molecular assembly and the power laws that constrain and direct evolution all seems to suggests that life is actually hardwired in the physical laws of the universe. If so, why then is life not ubiquitously found in the universe? The fact that complex life is a finely balanced emergent construct and the extremely dangerous nature of the universe may be part of the reason why this is so. The existence of entire ecosystems of complex lifeforms on Earth therefore, should be viewed as an anomaly and space research so far seems to suggest this. Therefore we should all be thankful that we are able to enjoy the miracle that is Life and do our very best to preserve it.

So far, only Earth is known for certain to have life, although it may be present elsewhere in our solar system such as the liquid subsurface oceans believed to exist on moons like Enceladus, Europa, and Titan. It is almost certain some kind of life exists on Earth-like exoplanets - almost 40 billion of which are thought to be in our galaxy alone.