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Q: Is there may cause any problem if sitting in the sauna twice a day?
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Sitting in the sauna twice a day may be harmful?

may be it is

Does the sauna suite provide weight loss?

Yes. I loose more than 2 pounds for about 45 minutes of running with my sauna suit on. It is as twice effective as regular sport wear.

Will the sauna mess up your phone?

yess it would, it aleady hapened to me twice, specialy if you stay there for more than 30 mins

Does mastrubating twice a day affects the health?

It's OK if you really need to do it. Just make sure you are not obsessed with masturbation, 'cause then you got a problem.

Does olbas oil have side effects?

I do be leave it causes dizziness ..twice I have used it and twice I have had this problem after

If you had your period twice one month?

is not a problem

What could cause a brake light circuit failure in a 1998 BMW 328i if the bulb has been replaced twice already?

I'm having the same problem! Just got a ticket for mine.

Is there any problem orgasming twice per day?


Can antibiotics cause a positive pregnancy test?

Yes it can cause it happen to me twice

Can the anti theft device on a 1992 Lexus can the car not to start?

Yes it will cause car not to start but you can take care of the problem by turn the key in the passenger door twice and that should make car start ha dthat problem with mine today -Mel

What does it mean that acceleration is proportional to force?

It means that more force will cause more acceleration. More specifically, they are directly related: twice the force will cause twice the acceleration.

What is the cause of having your period twice a month?

did you take an emergency contraceptive? cause that could be it

What would cause a fuel relay switch to short out on a 2001 Grand Am and force you to replace it twice?

A friend of mine had a similar problem with an '02 grand prix and it was due to a poor wiring harness that was getting wet.

How many times did WWE superstar Kane go to wresltmaina?

at least twice cause Undertaker beat him twice

What does the moon cause on the earth twice a day?

ocean tides

Can a jersey cow get milked multiple times a day?

She can, yes, but it's best to only milk her twice a day if you want to get a higher quantity of milk in one sitting, not small amounts from milking her more than twice a day.

How would you write this problem Twice a number minus 4?

2n - 4

Can you freeze chicken twice?

No, you can not freeze chicken twice. Refreezing meats can cause bacteria to start growing and will make you sick when you eat the chicken.

Why does the sun have more gravity?

If you mean more than Earth, it has more mass. Twice the mass will cause twice the amount of gravity (at the same distance).

What can cause menustral bleeding twice in one month?

Ive notice that when i stress alot or the times that I've been through tough times i get my period twice in a month, I'm talking about 7 days twice....

What cause a 1991 model Laredo Cherokee to take longer time cranking before it will start?

My 1987 jeep had a similar problem. the wire leading down to the crank sensor (necessary for the engine to develop spark) was damp and grounding against the firewall. Tied it slightly away from the firewall w/ a tiewrap, and never had problem again (previously the dealer had replaced the crank sensor twice without the problem correcting itself)

What twice daily event would cause water levels to rise?

The tides.

Does the timing guide bolt to the cylinder head or block on a 2002 ford escort 2.0 cause the bolt broke off the timing guide sitting in cover and timing belt loose jump time?

Let me guess...threw the timing belt, didn't you? Happpened to me twice on an '02 Escort. POS! It bolts to the block, sir.

What happens if you get your period twice in a month for 3 days?

ditto to that question.. that happens to me too... like I've had it twice in one month for 5 days tho... is there some problem? I dono...

What is wrong if a 1994 Saturn SL1 bucks twice whenever you decelerate under 50 mph if fuel injection cleaner helps for a while but the problem always returns?

If you can add a injector cleaner and it bandaids the problem temporarily it may be because your vehicle's fuel filter is becoming plugged which will cause a lean condition. Also the O2 sensor (Oxygen sensor) may need replacing. Both items can cause a lean condtion which will show up as a surge or bucking. MM