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Is there more to the Americans Creed than the founding documents?

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Your question needs to be broken down so we understand the meaning of the words: Is there more to the American's Creed than the founding documents? creed >noun 1 a system of religious belief; a faith. 2 a statement of beliefs or principles; a credo. -ORIGIN from Latin credo 'I believe'. (Oxford English Dictionary in WordPerfect). As far as the documents go there are many documents and which founding documents do you refer to? Could these be the colonial charters, the Pilgrims Social Compact made in lieu of a royal charter? Whatever the case I can assure you from even before the Magna Carta to the federal Constitution, certain principles remained the same. We can even trace certain principles to centuries before the birth of Christ; bce. See # 2. in creed's definition there is a rererence to a statement of belief or principles. Principles were very important to the founding fathers, mothers, and the Revolutionary generations. If we look to principle we find: If principle is to be recognized as the common thread, weaving a tapestry of heritage and history, perhaps it would behoove us to consider what a principle is. In a generalized sense, a principle is

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Q: Is there more to the Americans Creed than the founding documents?
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