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Is there no fuel pump relay for a 1995 Volvo 850?

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July 13, 2011 7:11PM

Hi, Yes, there is a fuel pump relay it is located on the right side (driver side) of the engine compartment. It is in a black plastic box on the fire wall. It has 4 screws that secures the lid. If memory serves me correctly it is the red one. If your fuel pump is not working it is most likely the fuel pump and not the fuel pump relay. You will be told to replace the relay when replacing the fuel pump. I replaced the fuel pump elay first as told but it didn't do any good. So I replace the pump and it worked. What I would definitely replace is the fuel filte which is under the rear passenger side. You do not need to drop the fuel tank to get to the fuel pump. It is located either in your trunk or under the rear hatch back floor, passenger side. Before replacing the fuel pump mark each hose so you know where they go and notice the direction of the pump before removal as you need to replace it in the same direction. One last thing, make sure you tighten the pump cap completely or it will leak fuel and set off your engine light. I've had problems with mine now going off every time I fill the tank up completely. So I believe there is still a small vapor leak some where. I hope this helps, JQ

NOTE: If replacing the original Volvo 850 fuel pump relay, it might be labeled 'Fuel Pump Controller' and it might be a color other than red (like green) and it may have the number 103 on top. It is the fuel pump relay. They are the same part.