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Yep! Check out the related link.

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Q: Is there public transportation from the Seattle International Airport to downtown Vancouver British Columbia?
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How far from Vancouver International airport to Downtown Vancouver?

It is a short 20 minute drive.

What is the population of Downtown Vancouver?

Downtown Vancouver's population is 43,415.

Distance between downtown Vancouver to Vancouver airport?

distance between Vancouver airport and downtown

What are the release dates for House Hunters International - 2006 A Vancouver Man Looks for a Home Downtown 9-3?

House Hunters International - 2006 A Vancouver Man Looks for a Home Downtown 9-3 was released on: USA: 4 November 2009

Where is the Gastown located?

Gastown is a neighborhood located in Vancouver, British Columbia known for it's dining, shops, nightlife, and historic significance. It is located in the Northeast section of downtown Vancouver.

Where is the Blue Horizon Hotel located?

The Blue Horizon Hotel is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is located in downtown Vancouver or Robson Street and is close to shopping, restaurants, pubs, and nightlife.

Where is the BC place located?

BC Place stadium is located in Vancouver, British Columbia in downtown just on the edge of False Creek. It is south of Vancouver Harbour off of Pacific Boulevard.

What are some features in Vancouver Washington?

Vancouver, Washington is a suburb of Portland, Oregon, sitting on the north shore of the Columbia river. Historic Fort Vancouver is within walking distance of downtown. There are many parks, wetlands and a lake.

Where Is Rouge Arena?

In Downtown vancouver.

How long from downtown Vancouver to Vancouver airport?

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is around 30 minutes away from the downtown core by car if there is very light traffic. Otherwise, it can take much longer. However, taking the Canada Line rapid transit line takes under 25 minutes.

What services are offered through Crosswater?

CrossWater is a year-round transportation service between Vancouver and Victoria B.C. The bus service includes onboard Wifi service between downtown Victoria and Vancouver.

What is the Distance in road miles from Vancouver airport to downtown Vancouver?

About 9 miles

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