Is there really a coin with President Bush's face on it worth a million dollars?

As a joke, somebody printed up some fake "$1M bills" with George II's face on them. The problem came when someone tried to spend one and the clerk thought it was real. Some facts: 1. The largest denomination currently in circulation is $100. 2. The largest ever circulated was a $10,000 bill in the early part of the 20th century. 3. The largest ever uncirculated was the $100,000 Gold Certificate used for the transfer of money between banks. 4.The portrait of a living president cannot appear on currency. That shows you how crummy training is for a lot of clerks these days. There have been 100s of cases where somebody refused to accept unusual but genuine currency such as a $2 note or Sacajawea dollar, but they'll try to make change for a George Bush bill. Go figure.