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Alexandria's Genesis is a fictional genetic condition created for a Daria fanfiction character. No such genetic condition is known to exist in reality.

But could a genetic "disorder" that causes purple hair, no body hair, slow aging, highly evolved immune system, and a lack of menstrual period in females (among other mutations) possibly exist? No. The traits are too widespread to be the result of a single gene, and they would have come from several unrelated genes. Also, many of the traits are physiologically impossible, such as the lack of waste (the body needs to remove toxins from the body, or else the person will die), the slowed but proper aging process (there are disorders that "slow down" aging, but it does not really slow it down, but rather stunts it), and the fair skin that can resist burning (there is no way to naturally prevent burning other than melanin, which also causes skin darkness). The person who Alexandria's Genesis was supposedly named after was said to live to the age of 150 but this is impossible seeing as the longest lifespan ever reached was the age of 122.

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Q: Is there really a mutation called Alexandria's Genesis?
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