Is there rebirth after you die or we will go to heaven or hell after death?

The dead will die and never come back into existence for eternity and the elect will wake up in heaven where he will live for all eternity. The wages of sin is death, period , the bible teaches nothing else after death .

A Pagan Perspective

Many of the people of the world honestly believe that Birth, Life, and Death are just the continuing cycle of the Universe.

Something to think about however, is that we create our own afterlife... so

-If you believe as above, that when you die, that is it until such time as your God calls you forth to your final reckoning, then for you, that is what happens.

-If you believe your God will punish you for your "sins" and send you to hell, or purgatory for a set length of time while you "atone," then that will be your afterlife.

-If you believe you have lived a "good" life and are going to heaven to get your wings, then that will be your afterlife.

-If you believe you will be reincarnated again and again, until you reach nirvana, then that is what happens to you.

-If you believe that you choose to return to this world to be part of your own spiritual growth and to be involved in the teaching and lessons of others, then that is what happens to you.

-If you believe there is no afterlife, that when you are dead, you are dead and nothing more happens, then that too is what happens to you.

The interesting thing about this is that we only get to choose for ourselves. Your belief system/spiritual path, is yours and yours alone, you don't get to choose or force your beliefs on others. They get to choose their path.

This goes for all of the organised, and recognised religions. If you are a follower, and adhere to the dogma of that religion, that is your choice, but no matter what your books, or leaders or teachings say, you can not force that to be a "truth" for anyone who does not believe the way you do.