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There are small ramps on the market which can be attached to the rim of the pool so that animals have a way to crawl out of the pool there are electronic warning devices available to warn parents of children falling in the water you could use one of these. suggest you speak to a pool professional about it an no doubt he will have you sorted out in no time

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Q: Is there some type of alarm that will notify you if one of your dogs falls in the pool?
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How safe are pool covers today?

I would recommend a pool cover in conjunction with a pool alarm. Pool covers or pool nets can give you the protection you need against children accidentally falling into the pool. There are various types of pool alarms that will help notify you if your child has entered the pool.

Do you need a pool alarm for a soft round pool?


What kind of pool alarm can you use in an Intex rubber pool since you can't have any metal or use screws?

Here are a couple of ideas: 1. You could use a type of alarm that utilizes a wristband like: >P> 2. There are several floating alarms that detect wave motion caused when someone falls in. ...

What do you do if your new env TOUCH falls in pool?

get it out

What do you do if your tortoise falls in the pool?

let it swim

What else can you do to protect toddlers and young children around a pool that already has a seven foot fence?

Answer Kids and toddlers can be quite creative getting around safety devices. Run don't walk to your pool store and buy a "water alarm". It sits in the pool when no one should be in there and if the water is disturbed... {infant crawls/falls in, child falls in, anything that disrupts the water surface}, you will know in seconds from a screeching alarm! Whatever the cost, it may save your child. Call around, I don't think they are very expensive. My sister-in-law is a single parent and she has one that she swears by.

Can you use an inground pool alarm while the Letro automatic pool cleaner is functioning?

Try searching Pentair Pool Products. k

Will an infrared pool alarm system work in an area with wildlife such as deer?

Yes, it will work but the wildlife may acyivate the alarm.

What is the depth of the plunge pool in Niagara Falls?

The depth of Niagara Falls is 35m or 100ft.

Can pool alarms work while pool covered?

"• The POOL ALARM can be used with a solar blanket." you can go to and read manuals for the different alarms they have.

Is there a subsurface alarm system that will attach to a portable pool?

There is not. It's up to you to test a regular above ground pool alarm to see that it works but don't take a chance with safety. Safety Turtle (company/brand) has a product that your children or pets wear as a watch (or dog collar). When it comes into contact with water a remote alarm sounds. Use any pool alarm as part of layers of protection for your children. (BTW, they have come up with a pool light for above ground pools.)

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