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Is there some type of alarm that will notify you if one of your dogs falls in the pool?


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2008-02-16 20:51:29
2008-02-16 20:51:29

There are small ramps on the market which can be attached to the rim of the pool so that animals have a way to crawl out of the pool there are electronic warning devices available to warn parents of children falling in the water you could use one of these. suggest you speak to a pool professional about it an no doubt he will have you sorted out in no time


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I would recommend a pool cover in conjunction with a pool alarm. Pool covers or pool nets can give you the protection you need against children accidentally falling into the pool. There are various types of pool alarms that will help notify you if your child has entered the pool.

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Here are a couple of ideas: 1. You could use a type of alarm that utilizes a wristband like: >P> 2. There are several floating alarms that detect wave motion caused when someone falls in. ...

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Yes, it will work but the wildlife may acyivate the alarm.

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