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You are perfectly normal. You're not much past puberty and are inexperienced so that's why you are nervous. Remember this ... every young male has to start somewhere and all young males have their first experience with a girl (hopefully not until you are at least 16). You become unattractive to the girl because you are so nervous. Take it easy on yourself. At 14 you should only be thinking of taking the girl you like out to a movie. Just go up to her and ask if she would like to see a movie, go to a favorite hang-out or perhaps a concert re your favorite band (if you can afford it.) Let Mother Nature run her course. You'll be fine! Nope - completely normal! Just relax. Do you have a friend who is a girl? Practice being a "cool dude" with her before trying it on girls that are hot. The reason you become "unattracted" is because you fear ridicule and rejection from the girl you have approached. You instantly shut down and reject the girl before she can reject you. Don't force it, it will come to you. Try being friends with girls before trying the hot-and-heavy stuff. It will make you more relaxed.

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How can you stop being nervous?

by not being scared or afraid of something or sometimes your nervous system does it

Why chew pens?

Sometimes, chewers are nervous. They like something to chew.

What causes you to bite your lip?

well, sometimes your nervous so you will bite your lip. Sometimes something will hurt and you will bite. There's a lot of different reasons!

Is Avril Lavigne nervous?

yes, she does get nervous sometimes :)

Why can't I sing well in from of people?

Well,sometimes people get really nervous singing in front of a crowd of people.I sometimes get nervous when my choir sings in front of a big audience.But,sometimes I do get nervous.

Why do girls get nervous around the guy they like?

because you are afraid to do something stupid and make them think you are weird or something. you want to make them like you but it is hard for you to do that so you just get nervous and start thinking frantically about things, and sometimes repeat them out loud! :/

Does Casey Williams ever get nervous before a netball game?

everyone gets nervous sometimes so he probably does to sometimes.

What does that mean if the outgoing guy you like sometimes can talk to you but sometimes can't?

He's probably got something going on where he just doesn't feel like talking. Or just nervous at times.

Why does this girl act very nervous and sometimes hyperventilates when I'm alone with her?

She really likes you and is afraid to do or say something that you might think is stupid.

Why do you feel nervous?

Sometimes you will feel nervous because of reactants in your brain that then set off your "nervous system". The nervous system helps you infact, if it wasn't for your nervous system you could be dead! The nervous system reacts off of your brain saying that something isn't right and that something should be done. If we didn't have that to rely upon then your brain would simply stop working in result of your brain telling your heart to stop pumping and eventually once your heart would stop you would die.

Why can a sociopath become nervous?

Sometimes the likelihood of being unmasked for what they are makes them nervous and panicky.

Another word for to be nervous about something?

Dread something.

Do chickens like noise?

there will normally raise there head when they hear something so sounds being made unaturally can sometimes make them nervous or scared

Do guys scratch head when nervous?

yes, sometimes when nervous around a girl there attracted too.

Does that mean a guy is nervous if he sometimes stares at a girl without smiling and doesn't talk to her?

Maybe, all girls and boys do something when they are nervous. Usually when I am nervous to be around someone (because I want to be perfect around them) I usually do not talk right and stumble over my words. If the person you think likes you does that, then that might mean he likes you, but you will NEVER know, until he askes you out or something like that.

You are nervous about calling your girlfriend?

Why, did you do something?

When do you know when a guy likes you?

sometimes when he gets nervous around you, or when he blushes...or talks to you more than often. Or if he gives you notes or draws you something like a flower

Why do people sometimes talk fast?

They can be nervous, so they unconsciously talk fast and cannot be comprehended well. Or they talk like this naturally. They can also be excited about something.

Can pandas be nervous?

well panda's can be nervous sometimes only if a enemy comes by them that is dangerous and wil kill them

What is the nevrous system?

The nervous system is one of the two human communication systems. It uses electrical pulses to transmit messages to the brain. The nervous system is responsible for when you touch something hot, and you instantly pull away, or you walk into a light room and your pupils become smaller. the other human communication system is the hormonal system.

What does it mean when a puppy shakes?

Well, sometimes it means that they are nervous and then again sometimes it means there cold

Does Justin Bieber ever get nervous?

proberly he is a human so we all get nervous sometimes it just depends on if he shows it or not !!

What is the relationship between the nervous system and the body parts?

Well, the nervous system consists of the brain and tons of nerves and your spinal chord. All these nerves are close to body parts so if you hit something funny, you feel it. Really badly sometimes.

How does a nervous impulse vary from a hormone signal?

Nervous impulse is much quicker. Occurring almost instantly. Where as a hormone signal is a little more delayed. (changing of a males voice during puberty as an example)

How not to get nervous in school?

is it your first day or something

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