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Dont worry , im 14 and i wear girls underwear all the time. i wouldn't wear my mums though.get some of your own. it brilliant going out in public knowing you have womens lingerie on and no one else having a clue

maybe not in foreign countries but here in the usa the answer would have to be umm... yeah. You are considered a "cross-dresser" and that doesn't mean you are gay. You are extremely young and this habit is going to get you into trouble with your peers so I suggest you have a talk to your mom and be honest about it. You need to understand why you feel you have to do this. By the way, more and more men wear pink shirts, etc., and it isn't classified as just a girls color any longer. Not necesssarily gay, but not altogether straight. The question is, "Would you prefer a future intimate realtionship with a girl or a boy?" If you have not had a relationship with either because you are too young, then to what gender are you most attracted? That's the answer to your question. If you are attracted to girls for intimacy, be aware that cross-dressing is definite turn-off when viewed by a woman. Certain gay men, however find it a turn-on. If you are looking to attract a gay man, keep up the practice. BTW - no problem with the color pink, as long as it's not on a frilly piece of lingerie. Shirts and ties can be OK. ANOTHER ANSWER FIRST of all, crossdressing, also called "transvestitism" is defined as "someone who dervives sexual pleasure from dressing in the clothes of the opposite sex". (MALE or FEMALE) In almost all instances, it has NOTHING to do with ones sexuality. (A common mistake). You say that you are straight and want to know if there is anything "wrong" with you. Many, many young adult people practice this, especially boys. Many times it is "arousing" because you feel "close" to a girl. By the way, many, many adult men who are heterosexual (many married) practice "transvestitism" on regular basis. {also spelled "transvestism"} You ask if there is something "wrong" with you. In answering I would say no; but I'll qualify that: as long as it is not causing you any problems, you have it under control where "you enjoy" it, you personally don't feel like it is "wrong", it's not messing up any relationship you may have with a girl; or problems with your parents, then I WOULD NOT WORRY about it. As for the color PINK, that means NOTHING, other than the fact that you like PINK!! PERIOD!! Chill out, take it easy and see what the future brings! GOOD LUCK to you buddy!

2017-12-03 22:23:03
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