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No there is not it is good to have friends but maybe someone likes you more than a friend and you just don't know it.

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gets some information from your Friend to know if she really likes him or not if she kind of sketching something thing is wrong .just talk to the person to see were there state of mine is.

that your crush likes your friend more. or might try to use your friend to get to you. but i think the first answer is more credible. it means your crush probobly likes your friend

if he talks more to you then he likes your friend because guys are shy so they do not talk to the girl they like. So if the guy talks more to your friend then he likes you.

u go up to our friend and figure out who likes him more or ask him which one do he likes more its not much but that's all i can think of

if she really likes you more she will break up with your friend and ask you out its always hard if your stuck in the middle you haven't done everything wrong just be careful that she doesn't try anything while going out with your best friend . She may just be confused but really you have to talk to your friend and her

It is unknown but it is hinted that she likes shun more than a friend.

If a guy is your friend, it means he likes you. If you're asking if the song part means he likes you as more than a friend... it's possible, though the flinching part is more of a negative indicator. You'd probably need to do something absolutely crazy like asking him to find out for sure.

If your friend likes you, he'd start acting differently but usually, if he makes a move to be your friend and he likes you, you can tell.

If he likes to spend more time with your friend rather then you that would be one way of telling.

If a guy wants to spend more one-on-one time with you, he probably likes you as more than just a friend.

If he wants to spend more one-on-one time with you and enjoys your company, it may mean he likes you as more than a friend.

you ask them to hang out with you more or find a new friend.

he dont have one but madison is a very good friend of his a very good friend and i thing that something is gowing on i thing that madison likes jaden or jaden likes madison. and i thing that we will here more news

If he likes you instead of your friend, he will pay more attention to you. He will be spending more time on you than your friend.

He likes her as more than a friend.

No, she doesn't. She just likes him as a friend.

You can usually tell if your friend likes you than more than a friend. If you get the feeling he likes you more than a friend, then flirt with him. Let him know that you like him more than a friend. Usually when you like someone they most likely like you back too(: -Nevaeh

You can't control who he likes and doesn't like. Just know that if he's with you, then he obviously likes you more. As long as your friend doesn't like him back, your relationship with your friend should be fine too.

No. He likes you only as a friend. You can't MAKE somebody like you. Just be yourself, and love will find you.

Impress her more, and try to get more close to her as a friend. Then if you do something sweet, but it's not over board; she'll start to like you and then she might even turn from the other person she likes, to you.

The only way to know for sure if he likes you more than a friend is to ask him.

Sure, A best friend likes more than just a friend. We can know that through his behavior

He probably likes you. Whether or not he likes you as a friend or more than a friend, I can't tell; but befriend him and if you like him more, take the next step.

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