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If your husband is a real good guy then it's just going to take time. I have an Asian girlfriend that married our Caucasian friend and her parents were furious and wanted her to marry an Asian man. Our friend sure changed their minds in time and they just love him. He is very good to her parents. Be patient. You can ask your parents over for dinner once in awhile and let them get use to him. If she doesn't conform for your sake and he's a good guy, then you married him and you should stand by him. You only mentioned your mother so I wonder if she is upset that you are married now? Sometimes mothers feel like they are losing a daughter and find the change in their lives hard. It's called, "the empty next syndrome." Good luck Marcy One thing you could do is change all the things she didn't like about the spouse into things she does like about the spouse. For example if the spouse drinks and she doesn't like that, stop the spouse from drinking. This will work only if the spouse will change everything about themselves to meet your mothers expectations. Of course this will never happen. Also it is unlikely your mother will change either, especially if the things she doesn't like about your spouse are true. If you mom does not accept your spouse and continues to not approve of the marriage then either she is right and won't accept ever, or she is wrong and only time will know the outcome. It sounds like controlling behavior runs in the family, so just don't worry about it.

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Q: Is there something you can do to make a parent eventually accept your spouse even though she didn't approve of the marriage?
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