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This is for an 85 turbo. If you are looking at the fuse box the first row of fuses are (top from left) Head lamp (R.Hand) 10A Head lamp (L.Hand)10A Head lamp motor (R.H)15A Head lamp motor (L.H)15A clearance illumination15A Room lamp 10A Auxillary driving lamp15A Hazard 10A Horn 10A Stop lamp 20A Air conditioning/ Blower (Two fuses) both 15A NEXT ROW Engine control 15A Fuel pump10A Meter 10A Turn signal 10A A/T control 10A Auto door lock 10A Theft warning 10A Audio 10A RR Wiper 10A FR Wiper 15A Cigarette lighter 15A Aircon control 10A NEXT ROW Fan Motor 20A RR Defogger (TWO FUSES) both 20A I went to a junk yard. They gave me a kick panel, it had the label. I would recommend that.

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