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Q: Is there such a thing as a UV rays detector so you know when and where you need to be to tan lol?
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How did Rutherford know that rays were deflecting back?

His detector screen was movable around the experiment. When he moved it to around his emitter equipment, it detected the rays, showing that some were deflecting back.

What UV rays do you need to grow plants?

i actually need to know the answer too.

What detector is used to pick up the x-rays in hospitals?

photographic film

Does it matter if aluminum absorbers are near a Geiger-Muller detector when you have a radioactive source of beta particles?

It does if you want to detect the beta radiation. Beta radiation, beta particles, can be stopped with a sheet of aluminum foil. An aluminum "absorber" would act as a shield to the Geiger-Müller (GM) detector and stop the beta radiation, which is really high energy electrons or possibly positrons. Placing a shield between the source of the beta radiation and the GM detector would block the radiation, thus shielding the detector from it. The detector would be "blind" to the radiation. Note that this would be effective if all you wanted to do was look at gamma rays. The gamma rays and the beta radiation would leave the source and head to the GM detector, the beta particles would be blocked by the aluminum, and only the gamma rays would make it to the GM tube to be counted. Links can be found below.

Are UV light and UV rays the same thing?

Yes, UV light and UV rays are the same thing, light emit "rays."

Can rays be with freshwater goldfish?

The only rays that I know of need tropical conditions (some saltwater, some fresh, but both tropical). So the answer is No.. Since goldfish need cold water, they would not be able to co-habit.

Why do you need protection from uv rays?

We need protection from UV rays. These are high energy and wavelength rays.

How do thunderstorms start?

Thunderstorms start by 2 temperatures fighting and then it starts to get windy then next thing you know you see rays of lighting.

How are gamma rays detected?

with a gamma ray detector ur silly kthx dardphace

What might doctors use to find a bullet in a person's body?

The first metal detector was used to find a bullet. These days X-rays are normally used.

A Geiger counter is used to measure?

A Geiger counter is a particle detector which is used to measure radiation: alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays.

Should you stay in the sun?

Yes, sunlight is good for our body. It stimulates our body to create proteins, just like it helps with photosynthesis in plants. The only thing you need to look out for are UV-rays. The sunlight consists of 'normal' light rays, infrared rays and Ultra-Violet rays. The Ultra-Violet rays are harmful for the human body. It can cause skin cancer when the body is exposed for too long.

What are mechanical rays?

Rays which need a medium to travel.

Which is harmful rays for human body?

One of the most harmful rays {for skin} is UV {Ultra-Violet} rays. That is the only thing that comes to mind when you mention "harmful rays for the human body". Not only can it cause skin cancer, but it can leave your skin burnt red and hurting for days, possibly weeks. Though we need the sun rays, the downfall to getting too much sun is getting skin cancer which is fatal.

What eats the rays?

notting eat a electric rays it will not let any thing to get that close with out shocking it

Why anode and cathode rays do not get neutralized?

There is no such thing as anode rays!!

Does gamma rays transmit information?

Yes. Why not? I Say Yes but nobody would ever need/want to do that becuase of how harmful gamma rays can be.... so i dont realy know, but there would be no point.

Why are X-rays called X-rays?

X-rays got the name because when they were first discovered, they did not know exactly what kind of ray it was or where it came from. They called them "X" rays, for "unknown" rays. Apparently, the name stuck.X Rays were given their name because their discoverer did not know of their nature.

Why you do not need to wear special clothing to protect ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun in the earth?

first refall your question is wrong the sun's rays are not harmful.and the second thing that if there will be no sunrays then everybody in this earth will be destroyed.and that's the way good question

How are CT scans different from conventional x-rays?

CT scans differ from conventional x ray by collecting x rays that have passed through the body (those not absorbed by tissue) with an electronic detector mounted on a rotating frame rather than on film.

Does earth have rays?

as far as i know... the earth doesnt give off rays.

What harmful rays are shining during a solar eclipse?

There are no rays shining that are unique to the solar eclipse. The same rays shine down any time the sun is in the sky. The thing that's different about an eclipse is that it arouses curiosity, and people who know better are tempted to stand there and stare at the sun, which is a stupid and dangerous thing to do. That's why you always hear extra caution warnings when an eclipse is coming.

Would you die without x-rays and gamma rays from space?

No; you don't need such rays. In fact, they can be quite harmful.

How is the formation of anode and cathode rays?

There is no such thing as anode rays.Cathode rays are beams of electrons.

What is alpha particle detector and what is the application of bjt in alpha particle detector?

A Geiger counter, also called a Geiger-Müller counter, is a type of particle detector that measures ionizing radiation. They detect the emission of nuclear radiation: alpha particles, beta particles or gamma rays. A Geiger counter detects radiation by ionization produced in a low-pressure gas in a Geiger-Müller tube