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Is there such a thing as a negative calorie food?

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However, there is the example of celery, which contains few calories. So few, in fact, that it takes more energy to digest it than your body can extract from it. In this way, celery can be considered a "negative" calorie food.

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Q: Is there such a thing as a negative calorie food?
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Can chocolate be a negative calorie food?

There is no such thing as negative calorie foods. Sorry to break it to you.

Is pineapple a negative calorie food?

No, pineapple is not a negative calorie food.

Were online can i find a negative calorie food chart?

You may find some of these negative calorie food chart at these sites. They are and

What are some negative calorie main courses?

Sorry but there is no such thing as a 'negative calorie main course' or any other meal for that matter. The closest thing to zero calories is water.

Are oranges really a negative calorie food?

There is much debate over the existence of negative calorie foods. Most scientists agree that they are not real, however, so oranges would not be negative calorie foods.

Is there such thing as a zero calorie food?


Is there really such a thing as a negative calorie food?

Yes, this is a proven fact. There are some foods that your body expends more calories digesting than the food actually contains.

How many calories does each negative calorie food burn?

Depends on which Negative calorie food you mean. A negative calorie food is a food that takes more energy to eat and digest than it produces. The harder the food is to eat and digest the more calories it will burn. That is why supermodels eat ice cubes. That is almost pure negative calories as your body will take a lot of energy to melt the ice and bring it to body temperature.

What is the second highest calorie food?

There is no such thing as a "highest calories food".

What is a negative calorie?

A "negative calorie" refers to a food that takes more energy to digest than calories it yields. A common example is celery. Negative calorie foods can be an important part of a weight loss diet since they fill you up without too many calories.

Do zero calorie food have calories when you eat more then one serving?

There's no such thing as zero calorie foods.

Does the negative calorie diet really work?

There is a diet called the negative calorie. Individuals can get more information on the negative calorie diet at and �ۼ Diet Reviews.

What are the basic principles of healthy diet?

the best way for a healthy diet is eating negative calorie foods. these consist of fruit and vegetables. negative calorie foods are when a certain food is at low calorie but takes mor calories to digest than what they contain. exersizing at leat a half an hour along with the negative calorie foods helps you loose weight faster and simpiler

What is negative calories?

A 'calorie' is a unit of energy - so that food that has a high calorie value gives us a lot of energy. If we do not expend that energy exercise it is stored in the body as fat. That is why food with a high calorie value is fattening. 'Negative' calories as such do not exist, but the term is used for foods that are so low in calories and which require so much energy to digest, that after eating them more energy is expended in eating and digesting them than what the food is worth. It is believed one example is celery which has tough stalks that require a great deal of energy to digest - more than the celery is worth in calorie terms. However, don't be tempted in eating great quantities of 'negative calorie' foods in order to lose weight. Because they are difficult to digest too much can lead to digestive problems and sickness. Better to eat a balanced diet including lots of freh fruit and vegetables - and moderate exercise.This is no such thing as a "negative calorie", but there are negative calorie foods.Negative calorie foods are foods that supposedly require a human body to expend more energy digesting them, then the energy released by the food itself. The theory is that by eating these foods, you burn more calories digesting them then you get from eating them - so supposedly you will lose weight.Unfortunately, this theory is far from proven. Also, most of these foods are very UN-filling, causing people who try to follow a "negative calorie" diet to report that they are always hungry!For a list of supposed "negative calorie" foods, see the link under "Related links".

Does watermelon have negative calories?

yes it is negative calorie!

Will eating a apple everyday cause weight loss?

to lose weight you need to create a calorie deficit in your food. And if you can do it with or without apple in your diet - it does not matter Important thing for weight loss is negative calories

How many heat calories are equal to 5 food calories?

1 food calorie or Calorie or kilocalorie is equivalent of 1000 calories and thus 5 food calories is equal to 5000 heat calories.AnswerA 'food calorie' is a unit of measurement that people in the food industry are either too lazy or too stupid to call a 'kilocalorie' (kcal).A calorie is a calorie. There is no such thing as a 'food calorie'. A calorie measures energy. Any energy. However, it is an obsolete unit that was used in the old centimetre-gram-second-ampere system. When used to describe food energy, it should be 'kilocalories' NOT calories (calories are not capitalised).

Are red onions fattening?

No, not at all. Onions are one of good sources to negative calorie foods. Regarding to negative calorie foods, amount of calories used in the process of chewing and digesting is greater than the amount of calories contained in the food.

What food uses more calories to eat than it contains?

These types of foods are known as Negative Calorie foods. The idea of Negative Calorie foods is still heavily debated among nutritionists and weightloss experts. The following is a brief list of foods "believed" to be Negative Calorie foods:· Broccoli· Cabbage· Lettuce· Carrots· Cauliflower· Celery· Spinach· Tomato· Cucumber

What does the food type calorie mean?

what is calorie

What is the difference between a heat calorie and a food calorie?

A heat calorie is the amount of energy it takes to heat 1 mL of water 1 degree celsius.A food calorie is 1000 heat calories. 1 food calorie is written as 1 CAnswerA calorie is a calorie. Period! There is no such thing as a 'food calorie'! A calorie an obsolete unit from the cgsA system used to measure energy. Any form of energy. It is defined as the energy required to raise the temperature of one cubic centimetre of water by one degree Celsius.The modern, SI, unit is the joule.For some reason, the food industry can't get their head around the fact that they use kilocalories to measure the energy content of different foods. and not calories. The symbol for kilocalorie is 'kcal', NOT 'Calorie'!

What is the difference between a energy calorie and food calorie?

A calorie is simply a measurement of an amount of energy. A food calorie tells you how much energy is in a food. The biggest difference is that in nutrition, the word calorie is used as short for kilo-calorie (or 1,000 actual calories), whereas in physics or other forms of science, a calorie is simply a calorie.

What are some negative calorie foods?

I don't think there is such thing as "negative calorie" foods. The lowest you can get is 0 calories like water. Xox, Smartiiz.--- Wrong. There are some foods where the act of chewing expends more calories than you take in from the food. The best example is celery. Calories are a unit of measurement for energy. Chewing and digestion take energy. The energy required to chew + digest > # calories in celery.this is correct there ar "negative calories"

Show the relation between joule and calorie?

1 joule = 0.23885 international calorie 1 joule = 0.00023885 food calorie 1 international calorie = 4.1868 joules 1 food calorie = 4186.8 joules

Is it best to eat negative calorie foods raw or cooked?

I believe in most cases, the "negative calorie" effect works with raw, or slightly cooked, vegetables.