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Some people seem to be more likely to be easily addicted. Whether a personality type can be identified by using a standardized psychological test is still in question. There seems to be strong evidence that people who are depressive or have anxiety have more of a tendency toward alcohol and/or drug dependancy.

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Q: Is there such a thing as an addictive person or personality?
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What is the meaning of the phrase 'addictive personality'?

An "addictive personality" is a physiological term used to refer to certain personality traits that make a person more likely to become addicted to something.

What is an addictive personality?

An addictive personality describes a set of character traits that make someone more susceptible to developing addictions.

Should a addiction counselor have experienced addiction?

Absolutely NOT, a person can council in any given field, that does not mean that they know nothing about it just because they themselves have not fallen into that trap ofaddiction. Not everyone has an addictive personality, these are just the people who can help and be of service to the addict. maybe u should do research theres no such thing as addictive personality and i think that anybody can be a counselor if they have the drive and motivation in recovery or not

Is Diazipam dangerous?

It's can be addictive, which is dangerous if you have a history of drug abuse, or any sign of an addictive personality.

What is the theme of Just Ella?

the personality of a person is the true thing that matters

When do drugs get addictive -?

Drugs get addictive when a person consumes a quantity of it but not when a person consumes only a tiny amount.

What is addictive personality?

Everyone has addictive behaiviors. Some folks however seem to be more addicted than others. An addictive personality (disorder), cannot be cured with any medicine (known to man). However, with counseling some people with this disorder can regain some control of their life. An person with this disorder will frequently have OCD, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Sex Addiction, Food Addiction, and more. They do not just have one addiction, but will have multiple addictions.

What is an image shoppers?

Their is no such thing as a image shopper. But, their is such thing as a image consultant. An image Consultant is a person who advises a company or person about their look, personality, and/or fashion opinions.

Will Charlie Sheen Ever Become A Good Boy?

Based on his addictive personality... No.

People with what are more likely to abuse drugs than the rest of their peers?

an addictive personality

Can you get hooked on marijuana?

Many people believe that marijuana is addictive but the truth is. Is that it is NOT ADDICTIVE. There are no addictive properties in marijuana. Marijuana is a completely natural supplement. People that say that their addicted to marijuana have one of two thing. (or both). `1. they have an addictive personality. (meaning they consume there body with what makes them feel good inside. example: marijuana..) 2. They have low will power.,, So yep that pretty much it. I hope i answered your question fully to your benefit! :)

Studies show that teens who smoke marijuana are more likely to become addicted to other drugs then those who never smoke?

only a littl more likely. but it changes from person to person like do they have an addictive personality? etc

What are the dynamics of an addictive personality?

There are physical and mental dynamics of an addictive personality that scientists have been watching: heritability, neurotransmitters and sensation seeking needs are some biological factors and impulsivity, value on nonconformity, sense of social alienation and tolerance for deviance and heightened stress and lack of coping skills are typical personality traits.

Would experimenting with drugs once lead to addiction?

It could. It depends on the person. Some people have addictive personalities -- they can't do any drug without getting addicted to it. Others have this addictive personality to a certain extent, and tend to drink or do drugs to excess, but are able to keep themselves from becoming full-blown addicts. And others do not have this addictive personality at all, and are able to do drugs, even hard drugs like cocaine or heroin, only a little bit, once in awhile.

What is the most rare thing in a person?

Their personality. Their eyes. Their fingerprint's.

What is molecular features make aspirin non addictive?

Unfortunately, aspirin is addictive. It takes longer to get hooked than some drugs and the dosage is usually higher (varies person to person), but ASA is definitely addictive.

What makes an addictive personality?

Someone that is constantly doing the same things or mistakes over and over.

What is the durg in a cigarettes?

There is nicotine they are a drug because they are addictive so any thing that is addictive is a drug like alcohol is classed as a drug

How long do marijuana withdrawals last?

there is no such thing, marijuana is not addictive

Is alchol a gateway drug?

The answer to that would depend on whether the person in question has an addictive personality among other things(including genetics). Many people consume alcohol and never go on to use other illegal drugs. However, some decide that they enjoy the feeling they get from it, and decide to experiment with other drugs as well. If they do have an addictive personality, it is very likely that they will find out and experiment whether they use/abuse alcohol or not.

What is human personality?

human personality is a thing you know about your self

Why personality matters?

Personality is everything. It's who that person is! If they have a good personality or bad personality ect

What does big personality mean?

It means that the person is very loud and outspoken and outgoing. Mostly not a bad thing but sometimes it can be annoying. It also means that the person is very attractive (not necessarily looks) to others. The person with a big personality will find him/herself surrounded by others seeking his/her company.

What consist personality?

Personality is the set of unique characteristics that each person has. These can be shared with others, but the sum of these traits makes a person's personality.

Why do some people become addicted to drugs and some people don't?

i guess it depends on personality, if you have an addictive personality and obsess over a lot of things then you are likely to become an addict however, if you are the kind of person who does something then doesn't even look back or think about it, you are less likely to become an addict.