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Is there such a thing as pink sheep?


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To find pink sheep in Minecraft, you will need to go to a grassy area to look because peaceful mobs spawn on grass and I have found a pink sheep which is 1/100 likely to find pink sheep but Minecraft wiki doesn't tell you about pink sheep.<(0_0<)(>0_0)>

Yes. If you have a pink house, move away immeadiatly, or kill your sheep if it has already seen pink. And don't forget bodmas!

Type your answer here... because kylie minogue sheep are white,brown and black. not pink get it into your head.

Well you don't really know when you are going to spawn one. If you really want to spawn a pink sheep you can just dye it with pink dye.

Blue sheep is bluesheep Blacksheep is blacksheep Pinksheep is pinksheep

Sheep owners mark their sheep in different colors to indicate which sheep are theirs and which ones belong to someone else.

Yes, there actually is such a thing as a pink lemon.

Lambs are baby sheep, ewes are female sheep, and rams are male sheep.

A ewe is the same thing as a female sheep.

NO! pink sheep may be the rarest thing in the game behind spider jockeys! you can find lots of wolves. this is what happens to me: when i look for stuff, i dont find much or any at all. when im not looking i find lots. just keep your bones with you and you might just get a doggy or 5.

No, sorry. The pink is dyed on rabbits that are pink.

There is no such thing as a sheep afrine. Afrine is a nasal spray that is used to clean out the sinus. The wild sheep in Africa are called Barbary sheep.

Of course there are pink lemons how else would we get pink lemonade.

1) there is no such thing as a 'dairy sheep' 2) you can milk all sheep otherwise baby sheep would die think about what ur asking

No, not unless you dye their hair pink.

The duration of Pink Is a Many Splintered Thing is 360.0 seconds.

Yes, there is such as thing as sheep tipping. The difference with sheep is that it is more like rolling them onto their backs that it is tipping them over.

she actually sings pink prada tote And there is such thing as a pink prada tote. But not a pink product toe.

Yes, there is a such thing as a Pink River Dolphin, called the boto.

Pink fluffy small dogs because pink puffels are small and pink and fluffy!

JUST TURNED PINK IN THE WASH blueshhep blacksheep

They're basicaly the same thing but pink ones are pink

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