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No, there is no such thing as a chocolate cow.

On the lighter side (not true):

Yes, that is where chocolate milk comes from!

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Is there a certain cow that produces chocolate milk?

No. There is no such thing as a cow that produces chocolate milk. The chocolate in chocolate milk is added later, after the cow has been milked. Cows only produce white milk.

What is a chocolate milker man?

a chocolate milker man is someone who has a chocolate cow. when he milks the cow the cow gives him chocolate milk instead of normal milk because it's a chocolate cow

How do you get a chocolate cow or brown cow on farmville?

To get a chocolate cow on farmville you need to adopt one tat wonders onto one of your friends farm. Chocolate cows or brown cows yield chocolate milk.

Is a cow a person place or thing?

It is a thing, which makes the word "cow" a noun.

Does chocolate milk come from a chocolate cow?


Is it possible to genetically make a chocolate milk cow?

No, it's not genetically possible to make a live chocolate cow.

Is chocolate milk made from a chocolate cow?

yes, well sort of, they attach a drip to the cows udders and insert concentrated chocolate syrip thus creating chocolate milk straight from the udders of the cow.

Chocolate milk come from a cow?

Milk comes from a cow. The chocolate is added, usually in the form of a syrup or sauce, afterwards and then mixed in.

What comes from a cow but is not white?

(cough cough) actually it’s chocolate milk lol, it said what comes from a cow, not what does a cow give to humans for food

Do you have a picture of a chcolate cow?

View the related link below for a brown (chocolate) cow.

What is a cow that talks?

There is no such thing as a talking cow.

What do you get when you milk a brown cow?


If a cow eats chocolate the moose eats What?


What can you make with cow milk?

Cheese, chocolate milk

What is the definition of Nos cow?

There is no such thing as a "Nos" cow.

Where do the most cows that chocolate milk comes from live?

Chocolate milk doesn't come from ANY type of cow. Chocolate milk is made by mixing chocolate syrup or powder with normal milk in the factory. Thus, there is no place where cows that produce chocolate milk because such a type of cow doesn't exist.

How is a cow bullet used for a cow?

There's no such thing as a "cow bullet." A bullet is a bullet, and it's purpose is for only one thing: to kill.

Can brown milk come from a cow?

No you can only get chocolate milk by getting milk and putting chocolate powder in.

What is Selena's favorite kind of chocolate?

Kit katskinny cow hot chocolate OJ its snickers

Can you give me a sentence with the word swallow?

i can swallow a cow or a chocolate!

What is a cow-oak?

There's no such thing as a "cow-oak."

Is a cow a living thing?

No. It is as lifeless as a rock. Ha! Just kidding! Yes, a cow is a living thing.

What color is infinity?

Infinity is skyblue pink with a purplish hue. Infinity is a pink cow on a purple pasture drinking chocolate milk. It's an Air Force thing.

What is Milk chocolate made out of?

a cow that peforms chocolate milk out of it and they freeze and slowly cherrn the milk and it tuns into milk

Is there a such thing as a vanilla cow?