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Is there such thing as a computer monitor with two headphone jacks?


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to elaborate on the question, I want to get a monitor that has a microphone jack and a headphone jack so that I don't need to use the single headphone jack on my laptop, I also want to use the headset with my PlayStation 4 and so I would like to know if I could get a computer monitor that I can plug a headset into like the Logitech G230 or G430 and still be able to use the microphone and ear phones

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A computer monitor? Its kinda the thing that you look at and it desplayes the picture.

A computer monitor is the same thing as a computer screen. It lets your computer display text, images, and videos. Without a screen you wouldn't be able to see what you are doing on the computer.

You might think that your computer is the screen, but that is called the monitor. The computer is the thing where you can plug in headphones and microphones and CD's or computer games, and you plug a microphone into the computer by lifting up this latch underneath the shut down button, an on the very bottom is a hole, that you can stick you finger up through, and that's where you plug in a microphone or headphone.

The monitor is the "screen", the thing that where your mouse is. It is the thing that you look at.The "computer" is usually a separate box, though in the case of laptops, it is hidden beneath the keyboard. In some situations, the computer is integrated with the monitor; the most notable example of this is Apple's iMac.

The switch for the computer is separate to the monitor switch. To switch on the monitor, just press the button on the bottom right of your monitor (The thing you are looking into to see this answer).

The first thing I would try is to hold down the menu button for 15 seconds. This should work but if it doesn't then try this: * Turn the computer and monitor off * Disconnect all monitor cabling from the monitor (power, USB, VGA, DVI, etc.) * Press and hold in the monitor power button in for 5 seconds * Reconnect the monitor to the computer * Reconnect the monitor power cord to the monitor * Turn on the monitor, then the computer * Press the Menu button for 15 seconds to unlock the padlock feature

The computer monitor. It can display 64,000,000 different colors.

no, jacks uses a ball and knucklebones doesn't

In a computer, you have a central processing unit, you have memory, you have connections, you have a monitor, and you need a way to get data from one to the other. The thing on your computer that does that job is called a bus. It takes the data in the computer memory and brings it to the CPU or monitor or printer or wherever. (I have no idea why it is called a bus and not a truck!)

If you go to an electronics store, you might be swamped by the number of computer monitors. The most important thing when selecting a computer monitor is to know what you want to use it for. Screen size is not the only thing that matters, monitors with higher resolutions will display a sharper picture. If you play computer games, a monitor with a quick response time will display moving images without blurring. A high contrast ratio will result in a vivid picture with bright whites, and dark blacks. Finally, make sure the monitor has the correct connection for your cables.

Output devices gives out information and sound related to computer or the thing you asked for. The output devices are printer,monitor,speaker etc

Same thing except LCD TVs are televisions by themselves while LCD monitors can serve as either a television OR a computer monitor.

No . They receive the sound from the bluetooth transmitter in the device so no need to plug anything into the socket

When you are choosing a PC monitor, the first thing to think about is spacing. Do you have enough space to place a big monitor, or will you have to get a small, flat panel monitor? Do you have enough space for two monitors so that you have more virtual real estate for easy viewing of lots of material? Then, make sure you have all the necessary cords. You will need a power cord for each monitor and a special cord to connect the monitor to your computer. These are usually called VGA cables or computer monitor cables.

If you are talking about the thing that looks like a tv, its called a monitor. If you are talking about something else, you will need to be more specific

no they are both almost the same thing an antynom .. that's like saying is bread and butter an antynym

Both Sony and Toshiba make combo TV/monitor systems. Other manufacturers such as Vizio probably do as well. Check TigerDirect. Also a Dynex flatscreen can be a TV/monitor system.

Assuming there is power to the monitor (the 'on' indicator is illuminated)... Check the cable from the monitor to the CPU is connected... (try another cable to be sure). If that's okay - the next thing to check would be the graphics card inside the computer (best done by a competent technician).

It depends on your computer how energy efficient it is. The best thing to do is to measure it with an electricity monitor. Some of them can even project the actual costs for you. An electricity monitor is inexpensive and can help you save a fair amount of money in your electricity bills.

It should turn off automatically if you plug it into your computer and turn the computer on. If it doesn't, something is wrong. First thing to check is the plug that plugs into the computer for bent pins. Also check the other end of the cable that plugs into the back of the monitor. If the pins are not bent then you will likely need to take it to a shop for repair or replacement.

computer tower(the thing that when u turn it on u can hear a fan turning inide of it) & monitor(the TV like thingy)

computer devices can be a lot of thing's. mouse, keyboard, monitor, printers, scanners and am shour hubs and switches are classed as computer device's. its basicliy any thing you would use with a computer. digital camaras are allso computer device's. hope this helps

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