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There is no marker that can be used to write on candles. However, markers can be used to write on certain papers which are then wrapped around decorative candles.

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Do scented candles work better than regular candles?

I prefer scented candles over unscented candles. To me it is the wax that makes a difference. I really don't care for paraffin wax. I like palm wax candles. It burns cooler, cleaner, and has a better scent throw. I also prefer palm wax candles over paraffin wax candles because of the clean up. Unlike paraffin candles, palm wax candles can be cleaned with warm soap and water.

How did they make candles?

Candles are made by dipping a wax string in melted candle wax repetitively.

What do scented candles have in them that unscented candles don't?

scent and scented candles have chemicals that have the scented wax the scented wax is dipped in smelly chemicals

How do you safely dispose of candles and candles in glass containers?

The best thing to do with the glass container is to have it recycled. To be environmentally friendly with the wax one could always remelt it and shape it into new candles.

Does bees wax candles clean air?

No, candles that are made from bees wax do not clean the air or purify it in any way. Bees wax candles are popular and are sold in a variety of colors and scents.

What is made of wax?


Do soy candles or wax candles cost more?

No, soy candles ought to be a possibility

What are candles in general made out of?

Candle wax or bees wax

What things are made of wax?

Candles, crayons, wax statues,

Can you use wax for fuel?

Yes, wax candles are a fuel.

Where can one buy some soy wax candles?

One can buy soy wax candles from an online retailer such as Amazon, but the consumer can also purchase the supplies individually to make their own soy wax candles.

Which elements are used to make candles?

Candles are made from wax. Wax is an organic compound made up from carbon and hydrogen.

How does Shrek make candles?

Shrek makes candles out of his ears wax.

How many candels of 1kg wax?

how many candles of 1kg wax

What are candles made out of?

Melted wax

What is used to make candles?


What are most candles made of?


What are scented candles made of?


What do candles have in them when they melt?

wax (I think).

What can you use for skateboard wax?


Are candles made from wax?


Do colored candles melt faster then white candles?

They shouldn't. All candles are made out of wax, and the colouring is just a dye, so it shouldn't make a difference to the melting time. However, not all candles are made from the same wax. The most common ones are beeswax, soy wax and palm wax, and these with melt at different speeds.

Why do colered candles burn faster than white candles?

The rate at which the candles burn is dependent on the density of the wax, not the color. Denser wax burns slower because the wax molecules are closely packed, so they do not get excited by the heat as easily.

What kind of wax is used to make candles?

usually beeswax or craft wax

Where can you buy gulf paraffin wax?

You can get wax from candles. I don't know about the others

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