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yes, also this question belongs in the linear algebra forum not the abstract algebra forum

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What is the different between algebra and linear algebra?

Linear algebra is restricted to a limited set of transformations whereas algebra, in general, is not. The restriction imposes restrictions on what can be a linear transformation and this gives the family of linear transformations a special mathematical structure.

Is linear algebra and linear equations the same?

Linear Algebra is a branch of mathematics that enables you to solve many linear equations at the same time. For example, if you had 15 lines (linear equations) and wanted to know if there was a point where they all intersected, you would use Linear Algebra to solve that question. Linear Algebra uses matrices to solve these large systems of equations.

Are calculus and linear algebra courses hard for an individual who got an a plus in algebra?

you don't go from algebra to calculus and linear algebra. you go from algebra to geometry to advanced algebra with trig to pre calculus to calculus 1 to calculus 2 to calculus 3 to linear algebra. so since you got an A+ in algebra, I think you are good.

What has the author Arthur Sylvester Peters written?

Arthur Sylvester Peters has written: 'Lectures on linear algebra' -- subject(s): Differential equations, Linear, Linear Differential equations 'Linear algebra' -- subject(s): Algebra

When was Lis - linear algebra library - created?

Lis - linear algebra library - was created in 2005.

What has the author Richard C Penney written?

Richard C. Penney has written: 'Linear Algebra, Textbook and Solutions Manual' 'Linear Algebra with Student Resource Manual and Survey Set' 'Linear Algebra 1st Edition with How Read Do Proofs Math 3rd Edition and Student Resource Manual Set' 'Linear Algebra, Solutions Manual' 'Student Resource Manual to Accompany, Linear Algebra'

What is the difference between algebra and linear algebra?

Linear Algebra is a special "subset" of algebra in which they only take care of the very basic linear transformations. There are many many transformations in Algebra, linear algebra only concentrate on the linear ones. We say a transformation T: A --> B is linear over field F if T(a + b) = T(a) + T(b) and kT(a) = T(ka) where a, b is in A, k is in F, T(a) and T(b) is in B. A, B are two vector spaces.

What does linear mean in Algebra?

Linear means a straight line.

What is linear algebra?

"Linear algebra is a branch of mathematics that studies vector spaces, also called linear spaces, along with linear functions that input one vector and output another." (from Wikipedia)

What has the author Gareth Williams written?

Gareth Williams has written: 'A course in linear algebra' -- subject(s): Linear Algebras 'Practical finite mathematics' -- subject(s): Mathematics 'Linear algebra with applications' -- subject(s): Textbooks, Linear Algebras 'Applied college algebra' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Algebra 'Finite mathematics with models' -- subject(s): Mathematical models, Mathematics 'Linear algebra with applications' -- subject(s): Textbooks, Linear Algebras

What is pertaining to a line algebra?

It is "linear".

What is the difference between abstract algebra and linear algebra?

Linear algebra concerns vector spaces whether finite- or infinite-dimensional. Abstract algebra, or modern algebra, includes linear algebra, along with many other kinds of objects, such as groups, rings, fields, lattices, and so on. In part, it was an attempt to put mathematics on a more rigorous footing. Please see the links.

How to download Linear Algebra A Geometric Approach by s kumaresan for free?

i wish to download linear algebra a geometrical approach by s kumareson

Is linear algebra the same as geometry?

No, geometry is more depth into algebra, with formulas and shapes. That's why algebra is a prerequisite

What is the hardest subject in math?

high school algebra CORRECT ANSWER: Linear Algebra in high school.

How hard is physics if you are excellent at calculus and linear algebra?

That should probably be easy. Try it out to be sure.

What has the author Eugene A Herman written?

Eugene A. Herman has written: 'Visual Linear Algebra with Tutorial CD and Student Solutions Manual Set' 'Visual Linear Algebra'

Is there an online site for algebra worksheets?

There are a variety of algebra worksheets available at Some include basic algebra, polynomials and linear equations.

How Boolean algebra is different from linear algebra?

Linear algebra works with straight lines on a plane. Boolean algebra is a very different form of maths, being logical calculus. Let me demonstrate linear algebra: 6x=2*5 6x=10 x=5/3 Boolean logic: (There exists) x xV(not)y (implies) f(x)=f^2(g)-F(y)

Which ordered pair is a solution of the linear system?

This is a linear algebra question and it is incomplete since there are no equation which have to be solved.

Is it true that if you are good at math you will fail calculus and linear algebra?

No. Chances are it will be the other way around: if you are bad at math, you stand a good chance of failing calculus or linear algebra. You will perform best at calculus and algebra if you have a strong math background.

What are linear graphs used for?

they are used for working algebra things

Are there any math or algebra words that start with L?


What is the relationship between linear algebra and economics?

Many problems in economics can be modelled by a system of linear equations: equalities r inequalities. Such systems are best solved using matrix algebra.

Is calculus harder than linear algebra?

The answer depends very much on your aptitude, and possibly your interest: there are no absolutes. Some people find calculus easy but not linear algebra and others are the opposite.

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