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yes there is. about 10%.

This is why when you you pack in smoking you have a need to eat sweets, it has caused a blood sugar low and helps keep you addicted.

Also it hides the taste of the nicotine which is NOT addictive.

Have you ever heard of anyone addicted to Nicotine patches? I think not...

An interesting point. According to studies, the long term quitting success rate of nicotine patches can be as low as 1.6%, yet it is promoted as an 'effective' means of quitting smoking. (Would you use a condom as an 'effective' means of Birth Control and protection if it split 98% of the time?)

The 'experts' are currently debating whether sugar is addictive and whether it has any relevance to obesity.
ya i tink

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Q: Is there sugar in cigarettes
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