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Is thermite legal in Canada?

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What is thermite welding?

Thermite welding is all about using thermite for welding steel or iron. Thermite is actually a mixture of iron oxide and powdered aluminum.

What is copper thermite?

Copper thermite is a type of thermite where instead of the iron oxide, copper oxide is used instead. The reaction produces pure copper metal, but this thermite gets a little more splattery than the iron thermite.

Is a thermite reaction exothermic or endothermic?

The thermite reaction is highly exothermic.

What is thermite manufactured from?

Thermite is manufactured from pure metals and avoiding the use of carbon in the process of it. Thermite was originally discovered by a German chemist named Hans Goldschmidt.

In email a legal document in Canada?

Is email a legal document in Canada.

Is it legal to move out at the age of 18?

the legal age is 16 in Canada the legal age is 16 in Canada

What are the uses of thermite reactions?

thermite is most often used for industrial purposes. Thermite reactions generally create a quick burst of extreme heat. Sometimes used in fireworks or explosives.

Is it legal to have a pet hedgehog in Canada?

Yes, they are legal all throughout Canada.

Is it legal to own a pig in Canada?

only if its legal to eat bacon in canada

Is thermite illegal?

Thermite is not illegal in (most) countries, as long as you keep yourself and everyone else safe from it.

Why is thermite reaction used in industry?

Thermite reaction is used in industry for welding steel together in-place

What is the equation for the thermite reaction?


Is it legal to own a vulcan airsoft in Canada?

Yes, airsoft guns are legal in Canada.

Where is thermite found?

Thermite is a mixture of 1 part aluminum oxide for every 3 parts iron oxide

What are the products of thermite?

For the classical iron oxide and aluminum thermite, the products of the reaction are aluminum oxide (Al2O3) and iron (Fe). However, there are many kinds of thermite, but they always produce the pure metal from the oxide.

Does thermite work in space?

Thermite has its own oxygen source so it can burn without an outer source of oxygen, including underwater and in the vacuum of space. However, I do doubt that thermite can burn in space, since space is quite cold. It would just depend in how far away from the Sun you are when you light the thermite.

Are electronic cigarettes legal in Canada?

Yes, they are legal. But health Canada does not approve of the nicotine cartridges.

Where is same-sex marriage legal in Canada?

Gay marriage is legal in all of Canada.

Are airsoft guns legal in canada?

Yes, they are legal.

Are m14s legal in Canada?

yes m14s is in Canada

Is thermite illegal in Kansas?


Is thermite illegal in New York?


Is Thermite Illegal in Montana?

It is ilegal

Is an airsoft gun that shoots over 500 fps legal in Canada?

it is not legal in Canada and id considered a real firearm.But if you have a licence it is legal

What is the legal age in Canada to drink and smoke?

The legal age to drink and smoke is 21 years in Canada.

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