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Yes it is normal.

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Q: Is thin milky white discharge normal before menstruation?
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Is having daily vaginal discharge normal?

Yes it is normal to have vaginal discharge daily. A milky colored discharge is normal discharge

Is it normal to have a milky yellow discharge that occasionally smells during pregnancy?


What should you do if you have a yellowish sometimes white thick milky discharge what could it be?

A thick, milky white discharge is normal and is probably from ovulation (releasing an egg) which is a normal part of every woman's cycle A yellowish discharge, however, can indicate a yeast infection or another type of infection, so it is important that you speak to your doctor about yellow discharge

Can chlamydia cause Milky white discharge?

Milky white discharge is a sign of chlamydia.

What does thick milky yellow vaginal discharge mean?

The thick milky yellow discharge is nothing more then a infection.

White milky discharge?


Is it normal to have a milky white discharge in the first trimester?

NO, it maybe a sign of chlamydia. have yourself check. it is an infection that needed to be cured.

Why would you get a milky discharge while pregnant?

Normal vaginal discharge during pregnancy called leukorrhea is thin, white, milky and mild smelling. It's nothing to worry about, but don't douche or use a tampon if it's thick enough to bother you.

Today a dog groomer informed me that she noticed a white milky discharge from my dog's penis. Is this symtematic of something serious?

it is normal stop the licking and the infection, and the discharge will go away.

Your breast are sore and having some milky discharge have not breastfed in over a year is this normal?

Visit the doctor. You may have a breast infection.

What does the milky white watery discharge mean?

That you are ovulating

Is it normal to be a week late but your breasts hurt and you had a clear milky discharge and cramps but had sex for the first time in 5 months?

No it's not normal, these symptoms are cause by pregnancy. Good luck!

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