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Is the equation y equals 0 linear?

y = 0" the answer is YES.

Is y equals 5 a linear equation?

Yes, the equation has a slope of 0.

What kind of equation is ax plus b equals 0 in?

A linear equation.

What is 2x plus 5 equals 5?

It is a linear equation in x. The equation has the solution x = 0.

Is y-4 equals 0 a linear equation?

yes because linear means straight line and that equation is a perfect horizontal line.

Is y equals 5x a linear equation?

A linear equation is of the form y=mx+c, where m and c are constants. Therefore, y=5x is a linear equation. Here m=5 and c=0.

What is the equation of 3 equals x plus 3 minus 5x?


Is y - 4 equals 0 a linear equation?

Yes it is. The solution is: y=4 .

What does it mean when the result of solving a linear equation is x equals 0?

Solving a one variable linear equation involves getting the variable on one side of the equals sign by itself. To do this one uses the properties of numbers.

What is 3x squared plus 2x minus 8 equals 0?

3x2 + 2x - 8 = 0 is a quadratic equation.

What is the x - intercept for this linear equation 6x - y equals 9?


Is 4y-2x equals 0 a linear equation?

Let's simplify it ... (4y-2x) = 0 = (2y -x ) = 0 2y = x y = x/2 Yes, it is linear.

What is 2x squared minus 3x minus 9 equals 0?

It is a quadratic equation and its solutions are: x = -3/2 and x = 3

Is y equals 5x3 plus 6 linear?

y = 5x3 + 6 is a cubic equation, not a linear equation. Linear equations contain only terms of degree 0 (i.e. constants) and terms of degree 1.

Is x squared plus 7x-30 equals 0 a linear equation?

No, It's a a quadratic equation because you have X squared.

What is the x-intercept for this linear equation y equals 5x-10?


What is x in the equation -3x squared minus 5x plus 12 equals 0?


What is x in the equation x squared minus forty-nine equals 0?

The value of x is 7

How do you do standard form of a linear equation if there is not a c?

aX+bY+cZ=0 Is a type of linear equation.

What does M to the second power minus 5m minus 14 equals 0?

m2 - 5m - 14 = 0(m - 7) (m + 2) = 0The equation is true ifm = 7orm = -2

Is x2-2 equals 0 an quadratic equation?

This is called an incomplete quadratic equation because there is no linear term. aX2 +( bX)+ c = 0 The middle term is not there, but this is quite solvable.

Why is a degree 1 polynomial equation ax plus by equals 0 called a linear equation?

A linear equation is one which represents a straight line. When drawn (y plotted against x), a degree 1 polynomial produces a straight line.

What is X squared plus X minus 12 equals 0?

It is a quadratic equation in X, with two real roots.

What is the y intercept of the line given by the equation y equals negative half x minus 3?


How do you solve this equation x equals 9 minus 5 plus 5 multiply 0 plus 3?