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Yes. When light hits the plants, some of them are reflected and the rest absorbed to do work, in this case photosynthesis. This is the result of reflection.

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How can you see Jupiter?

the light from the sun reflects on the planets then bounces back

What happens when light reflects?

When light reflects, on an object it bounces off of the object and you can see the object much more clearly.

What happens when sound or light strikes a surface and bounces off?

it reflects it.

How does a mirror reflection work?

it reflects light which bounces back and makes a refletion

What happens when light or sound is bounced off an object?

Light reflects and sound just bounces off.

How does light behave when it reflects off a surface?

The light bounces of a surface and into your eye so you can see the object.

Why are the planets visible even though they are not light sources?

other stars project light to planets reflects right to your eyes

Which planet emits or reflects light?

All the planets reflect light, none of them emit light.

How does light pass through the eyes?

Light reflects, or bounces off the object and into our eyes so we can see it. Through the lens to the retina.

Why does the moon reflect light?

The moon reflects light because of its color. When the sun's light hits the moon, it bounces off due to the color of the moon.

What does a mirror do to light in order to form a reflection?

it bounces back the light because the it is covered with silver at the back which is opaque to light.Thus light reflects back.

Why can other planets be seen all night?

The Suns light reflects of them

Why do the planets reflect the sun's light?

because everything reflects sunlight

Does Jupiter emit its own light?

No. Like the other planets it only reflects light from the sun.

Does the moon earth planets or sun give off their own light?

Yes, it does and it reflects light onto other planets making stars.

Why does Mars shine?

Like all planets, Mars does not emit light, but simple reflects light from the sun.

Are stars the only source of light in the universe?

no. sometimes planets are bright enough that light reflects off of them

Do planets reflect light from the sun?

Yes! The Earth reflects more than half on the sun's light.

When light bounces is it absorbed?

No. When light bounces it is not absorbed.

How do we see with light?

Well the light bounces off the item back to your eyes. A red substance reflects back only red light yellow only yellow and so on.

How does the light reflect off the moon?

Light reflects off the moon by hitting the it from the sun. This light wave bounces into earth. When there is no moon, it means that the earth is blocking the sun from the moon and no light can get through.

How can we see the planets in the solar system?

We see them at night when the Sun's light reflects off them.

Does mars reflects light from the sun?

Yes it does, all planets in our solar system reflect light. Hope that helps. :)

What are example of opaque?

Book wall pillow table cupboard wooden door The light of opaque bounces off or reflects.. xaihay..

What is the difference between a light source and a reflector provide examples for each?

A light source generates and emits its own light. A reflector reflects light (i.e. light bounces off of it) from another source. Examples of light sources: The sun, the stars, a lightbulb, a flame, a red-hot piece of metal. Examples of reflectors: The moon, the planets, the ground lit by the sun.