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Q: Is this a valid syllogism all clowns are funny individuals?
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All clowns are funny individuals Some sad people are clowns Therefore some sad people are funny individuals Is this valid?

Of course. If all A is B, and some C is A, then some C is B.

Syllogisms All clowns are funny individuals Some sad people are clowns Therefore some sad people are funny individuals Valid or Invalid?

Invalid, no then p1 a -> b p2 b -> c c a -> c

What are the rules of syllogism and an example?

A syllogism is an argument that includes two premises (pieces of information) and one conclusion. The syllogism will be in the form:if A, then Bif B, then Ctherefore, if A, then C.The syllogism must be logical and, thus, valid.An example of a valid syllogism:---------A--------------------------------B-----If today is hot, then I will go swimming.---------B--------------------------------C-----------If I go swimming, then I will wear sunscreen.---------------------A------------------------C-----------------Therefore, if today is hot, then I will wear sunscreen.

What are the difference between affirmative syllogism to negative syllogism?

Affirmative Syllogism: All P are Q X is a P X is a Q Negative Syllogism: All P are Q X is not a Q X is not P Both syllogisms are always valid. but dont be fooled by their evil twins the fallacy of affirmation and the fallacy of negation.

What is hypothetical syllogism in philosophy?

It is a valid argument form in which: If X, then Y. If Y, then Z. Therefore, if X, then Z. Example: If my mother is ill, I will be unhappy. If I am unhappy, my girlfriend will be unhappy. Therefore, if my mother is ill, my girlfriend will be unhappy.

Use the law of syllogism to write a valid conclusion for the given information if today it January 1 then it is new years day if today is new years day then school is closed?

If today is january first then school is closed.

What is disjunctive syllogism in philosophy?

It is a valid argument form, also known as modus tollendos ponens, in which: Either X or Y. Not X. Therefore, Y. Example: Either I play the violin or the piano. I do not play the violin. Therefore, I play the piano.

Is all people have eyes all animals have eyes therefore all people are animals a valid syllogism?

I think to make it valid, your second premise would need to be "Only animals have eyes". The statement "All animals have eyes" allows that there could be something that has eyes that is not an animal, so it does not require the conclusion tht all people are animals.

Are military required to change their driver's license every time they move to another state?

Not as long as they have a valid license. Most military individuals maintain their license in their home of record. Other states will consider the license valid, even if expired, if there is a valid military ID with it.

How do you test an enthymeme for validity?

Although there is some disagreement about the precise rules for a valid syllogism --particularly about the "existential" requirement -- there is general agreement on some tests. To test the validity of an enthymeme, fill in the missing premise, then examine the premises and the conclusion. Max Black (Critical Thinking) listed eight rules for a valid syllogism. Irving Copi (Introduction to Logic) reduced them to six:1. It must have three, and only three, unambiguous categorical terms.2. The middle term must be distributed at least once.3. If either the major or the minor term is distributed in the premises, it must be distributed in the conclusion.4. Two negative premises yield no valid conclusion.5. If one of the premises is negative, then the conclusion must be negative.6. Two particular premises yield no valid conclusion.

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That's not really a valid question. How gay is he? Really? Gay or not, he's a cool dude and he's funny. Like him, or don't. Your choice.

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Transfer by a valid deed.Transfer by a valid deed.Transfer by a valid deed.Transfer by a valid deed.

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The note is no longer valid because it is a personal promissory note. If you want to honor it, that is your decision.

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No not valid

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Yes it is valid.

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You are right with valid

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A test can be reliable and not valid. A test cannot be valid and not reliable.

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You need to examine the terms for your specific card. The answer will likely vary from one issuer to another.

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This is a valid answer.

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definitly valid. recommend me

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valid contract

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