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Yes. It is spelled "Ghanaian" (of or from Ghana). Also variants Ghanian and Ghanese.

* The creation of adjectives for country names ending in A typically either add an N or -nian, e.g. Jamaican, Panamanian.

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Q: Is this how you spell ghanaian?
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coco cola

What is the French word for Ghanaian?

The French word for Ghanaian is Ghanéen.

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Ghanaian pound was created in 1958.

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Ghanaian pound ended in 1965.

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Ghanaian Times was created in 1958.

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What are Ghanaian concept of colours and what they stand for

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Ghanaian FA Cup was created in 1958.

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How do you say a male native Ghanaian in French?

A male Ghanaian is "un ghanéen" in French.

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What a Ghanaian needs to have in terms of money to travel to cyprus?

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There are many types of Ghanaian drums. The loonga, or talking drums; The kpanlogo; and the sogo.

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Ghanaian's flag is affects Ghanaian in two ways: 1. It makes people be proud of their birthplace, because of their wars. 2. It represents their countries side. Source: I putted these answers on my test, got an A+. It was the same question by the way.

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he is from England

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