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Is this how you translate loyalty above all in latin Fidelitas super omnia in latin or is it omnis?


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Omnia is correct; omnis is either a nominative or a genitive singular noun ending.

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'Fides supra omnes' would mean 'Loyalty above all things.' 'Fidelitas ante omnia' would mean 'Loyalty before everything.' If you want to say 'loyalty above all', you would use 'Fidelitas super omnia.'

loyalty - fidelitas (nom.), fidelitatis (gen.)

fidelitas (nom.) or fidelitatis (gen.)

Fidelitas domestica is the Latin equivalent of 'family loyalty'. In the word by word translation, the noun 'fidelitas' means 'loyalty'. The adjective 'domestica' refers to 'family'.

Fidélitás suprá omnis means loyalty above all in Latin

'Loyalty above all else except honor' is translated in Latin to Fides supra omnes nisi honestas.

Latin School of Chicago's motto is 'Fidelitas'.

reddo is latin for translate.

The feudal term for a small community, a grant of land, was a fief or fiefdom, ruled by a vassal.Related words from the same Latin root (fidelitas) are "fee" (a payment) and "fealty" (loyalty to a ruler).

The word loyalty is said in the Latin language as fidem. In Italian loyalty is said as fedelta and in Spanish as lealtad.

Go to google translate select translate form English to Latin and type what you want!

no. Latin language is precise and you can't translate it literally,,thus if you translate it it should be by thought

'veritas super omnia' (truth above all), or you could stay 'honestas super omnia' (honor/integrity/honesty above all)

and in latin is "sed" The previous answer is incorrect. "And" in Latin is "et". "Sed" means "but" in Latin.

The words brave one in the Latin language translate into English as fortis. These words in Spanish translate as valiente.

The word for 'black' in Latin is 'niger'.

faith, trust or loyalty

There are many free translation websites online that can translate English to Latin. Some of these websites include Google Translate, Translation Guide, and My Languages.

It literally means his-story. It is the story of man. The word comes from latin routes, but what I said above still is true because the two parts of the latin word translate to his and story.

The word surprise in Latin is admiratio

Gemma is the Latin word for "gemstone; jewel'.

litoralis and maritimus both translate 'coastal' in Latin.

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