Is this maybe a nice way of saying no?


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Directly saying no to another is good .................

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Wait patiently. Maybe she will want to get back together with you, maybe playing the field is her way of saying bye-bye in a nice way. Either way, manipulation isn't a good idea.

nice way of saying plump

a better way of saying choose is "I chose this dress".......or maybe "I selected this dress"

Well the best way is to tell the truth, maybe try showing it with actions and emotions but if you are brave enough try going up to her and saying in a nice way that she isn't your type

Its his "nice way" of saying "f you"

It seems a bit condescending, doesnt it?

get him alone chat for a while then say it

Frugal is sometimes the nice way of saying Cheap.

Just say it exactly the way you want to say it, there's no "one" way of saying thanks to someone for being nice.

neat, groovy, sweet, awesome, nice, far out

kindly - nice - good - gentle - amiable - benign

i am, i think its a nice way of saying thank you for all your hard and dedicated work you did for me, but a nice thank you card is nice too.

c am maybe a nice candle u cant beat candle's . Maybe even a cup saying best teacher to put her pens in. maybe just make her a card. maybe a bottle of wine

its said the same way its just that the A is stressed when saying it : 'ave a nahce dy' instead of 'have a nice day'

By saying, "Ok then... it's been nice talking with you. Goodbye."

maybe a nice sketch is a sketch not sloppy,messy, inappropriate maybe

Maybe a nice way to say "screwing with someones mind"

A way of saying "Have a Nice day in Norwegian" can be "Ha en god dag", most often shortened down to "Ha det!"

The best way to write your ex a nice message is to start it off by saying nice things. Never get mad and write anything negative in the message at all.

nasdf is an insult but in code. I can not say the bad word because maybe your a kid and i cant teach you bad stuff. Just dont worry if someone calls you that. Think of it as a nice way of saying: "your cool" hope i helped

Well, maybe he knows that you like his friend and it is his way of saying so or maybe he likes you..........

Send them a message saying why, say it in a nice way.Remove them as a Friend.

its a way of someone saying sorry or congratulations an act of being nice and they are a lovely try of flower.

"Good show" is a British way of saying "good job" or "nice effort."

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