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Q: Is this sentence correct Yesterday Tom washed the car?
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What is the correct sentence for tom yelled catch the dog?

Tom yelled, "Catch the Dog!"

Is Tom hopes to do really well on this exam a correct sentence with no grammatical error?

'Tom hopes to do really well on this exam' is a correct sentence. Currently, the sentence is in the future and present tense. To change it to past, change 'hopes' to 'hoped'.

What is the correct answer for the sentence The children of Tom and Ruby presents or The children of Tom and Ruby present?

"Children present."

What is the correct punctuation for the following sentence Mary Tom Bob and Terri went to the show?

Mary, Tom, Bob, and Terri went to the show.

Is this sentence correct Inmate Hall arrived back to the center transported by tom.?

Inmate Hall arrived back to the center transported by Tom.

Is this sentence correct Tom Goodman's 1971 wife?

No. Every sentence requires a predicate (a verb or action word) and this phrase does not contain a predicate.

What is a sentence using the word trial?

Yesterday, Tom went to football trials.The robber will be on trial in court next week for his crime.I have a free trial of that new computer game.

Who got washed up on a desert island in Castaway?

tom hanks

What are examples of a sentence fragment?

Examples of sentence fragments include:Fragment: She thought she could make. (Reason it is a fragment: make what?)Correct: She thought she could make the trip on time.Fragment: Tom went. (Reason: Tom went where?)Correct: Tom went to bed early.Fragment: Sally figured out. (Reason: figured out what?)Correct: Sally figured out the amount of fabric she needed.Fragment: Whenever they went together. (Reason: It lacks a subject and verb.)Correct: Whenever they went together, the couples always had fun.Fragment: Examples of a fragment. (Reason, it lacks subject and verb)Correct: What are examples of a sentence fragment.To identify a sentence fragment, look for a subject and verb first. Does the sentence answer Who/What, action, did what or why.Who: SallyAction: wentdid what: to bed early.What: The birdsAction: sangdid what or how done: loudly.

How old are bill and tom kaulitz tomorrow?

Bill and Tom Kaulitz were 21 yesterday on the 1st of September

Thirty four rule of gramma paul gave the flower to Ted and I or Paul gave the flower to Tom and me Which sentence is correct?

Paul gave the flowers to Tom and me. Also, the first sentence makes no sense. Did you mean "the thirty fourth rule of grammar"?

Is it correct to say tom has been out of work for a month?

That is correct. You could also say: Tom has been unemployed for a month.

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