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It is the present tense, but not true.

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What is it called when time flows from the past to the present then to the future?

When time flow from past to present to future, that is generally known as the passing of time. Time passes.

What is the future participle of know?

There is no such thing as a future participle.The past participle is known and the present participle is knowing.

What color is Jupiter's moon?

Which one are you interested in ? At the present time, 63 moons of Jupiter are known.

What is the the perfect tense of the verb know?

Past PerfectHad known.Present PerfectHave/has known.Future PerfectWill have known.

Why present values are dependent upon interest rates?

Interest rates are also known as discount rates because in order to calculate the present value of a future amount, the future amount must be discounted back to the present

Present Value Calculator?

Present Value Calculator Use this calculator to determine the present value of a stream of deposits plus a known final future value.

What is Jupiter well known as?

Jupiter is well known as the largest planet and gas giant.

When did you find Jupiter?

Jupiter was known since antiquity.

Why isn't Jupiter known as the blue planet?

Jupiter is not known as the blue planet because it is not blue. See the link for a picture of Jupiter.

What are the other words of verb?

A verb is also known as an action word, and there are past, present, and future tenses.

What is long-term plan?

to meet future needs usually by knowing the present or known needs

Are there animals on Jupiter?

No animals live on Jupiter as far is known

Does Jupiter have moons?

Yes. Jupiter has 67 known moons.

How many satellite's in Jupiter?

Jupiter has 63 known moons.

Does planet Jupiter have a moon?

Jupiter has 63 known moons.

In the present of our loved ones we will exchange vows of marriage in Christ's love My question is the word present used correctly in this sentence?

The word present is used incorrectly in this sentence. 'present' usually means: * a gift * to make known formally * to produce and this does not make sense in the context of the sentence. The sentence should read: "In the presence of our loved ones we will exchange vows of marriage in Christ's love"

Another name for Jupiter?

In the English language, the planet of Jupiter is always known as Jupiter. However, in Greek mythology, that same god is known as Zeus.

Is there a planet between Mars and Jupiter?

No, there is no known planet existing between Mars and Jupiter. Between Mars and Jupiter is an asteroid belt known as the Kepler belt.

Howe many moons does Jupiter have?

Jupiter has 63 known moons

Does Jupiter have a satellite?

Jupiter has 63 known moons (natural satalites).

Who was Jupiter known as in Greek mythology?

Jupiter was Zeus in Greek mythology.

What life forms exist on Jupiter?

Life is not known to exist on Jupiter.

How many known natural satellite does Jupiter have?

Currently there are 63, the most of all eight planets in our solar system. More could be discovered in the future though.

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