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When making water by burning Hydrogen in Oxygen (a very explosive reaction) is that 2 atoms of Hydrogen and 1 atom of Oxygen join together to form 1 water molecular - H2O.


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it will move far away because its inter molecule space will increase

When oxygen fuses with hydrogen it burns in the sun. Of course just think of the sun dummy. When oxygen fuses with hydrogen it burns in the sun. Of course just think of the sun dummy.

it burns and seperates actually it burns and oxygen burns it , methane is the gas that we mostly use in southern countries for cooking

YES, this happens when hydrogen burns. 2H2 + O2 ==> 2H2O

When hydrogen burns in oxygen it forms water mean H2O.

When hydrogen burns, it is combining with oxygen. Once it has combined to form water, the molecule does not want to readily accept more oxygen atoms. Fire is rapid oxidation, so if it is already oxidized, it is done.

Methane is CH4, one carbon atom and 4 hydrogen atoms. When burned in air, the carbon atom combines with 2 oxygen atoms to form one carbon dioxide molecule, CO2, and the four hydrogen atoms combine in pairs with one oxygen atom to form two H20 molecules. CH4 + O2 + 2O = CO2 + 2H20. This is an exothermic reaction, meaning that it releases heat.

No. There are no "wood atoms" because wood is not an element; it is a mixture of many elements of which carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are the most abundant. When wood burns the molecules get broken down but the atoms remain intact.

The hydrogen and carbon atoms join with the oxygen to form Carbon Dioxide and Water. :D

when hydrogen burns in the presence of oxygen.

A molecule is the smallest unit that still has the same properties as the material it came from. Although it would be limited, a water molecule would do anything that a bucket of water would do. For example, if you broke the molecule down further, you'd get hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen burns and oxygen supports things that burn. Water suppresses burning things.

The atoms combine with the atoms of oxygen from the air to form oxides

Water (H2O) is formed when hydrogen is burned by oxygen

Hydrogen reacts with oxygen when it burns. H2 + O2 --> H2O

Hydrogen combining with oxygen to form water is an exothermic reaction, which is why hydrogen burns.

Hydrogen is a colorless gas that burns with oxygen. If substances will burn in air, those same substance will burn better in oxygen.

The sodium burns, spilting the water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen itself then burns with explosive force.

When hydrogen burns, it reacts with oxygen in the surrounding air and forms water. 2H2 + O2 --> 2H2O

The hydrogen atom's nucleus is only a single proton -- the lightest nucleus that can exist. The hydrogen molecule is only two linked atoms, the lightest molecule one can have. Hydrogen burns with oxygen, so within the atmosphere no additional oxidant is needed -- just suck in air. We get the energy of two bonds for a mass of two amu (atomic mass units). One simply cannot do any better (antimatter and new physics excluded.)

Neither the carbon, nor the oxygen atoms nor the hydrogenatoms match. ... If you are in any doubt, you could temporarily replace the group with a neutral letter such as X (which is not the symbol of a chemical element). Once the equation is ... Propane burns in oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and steam (water vapour):

Certain gases that react with oxygen, for example hydrogen.

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