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Is titanium rare?

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It's not rare, but it is expensive.
It takes a long time to produce titanium, sort of like Coal.

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When is a Bakugan rare?

A bakugan is rare when it has the titanium (silver) ring around it.

Why is steel cheaper than titanium?

Titanium is more rare than iron; also is more difficult to prepare titanium from ores.

Why titanium expensive?

Because it is comparatively rare and difficult to process.

What is the valence of titanium?

Titanium has (max.) 4 valence electrons, possible oxidation states: +4, +3, +2, (+1, rare).

Is a bicycle made of titanium?

They can be, but due to the cost, it's quite rare.

Is titanium valuable?

The metal titanium is not as expensive as a 9 ct white gold nor is it a rare element to make it very valuable. But the labor costs to make jewelry out of titanium is higher, making it costlier.

Why is titanium not used to manufacture autos?

A a rare combination of low weight and high strength

Where do you get titanium from?

comes from a fine sand in Australia called rutile=============================================== Titanium are rare in the earth's crust and is the seventh in the abundance(there is 0.42% in the crust). For the smelting of titanium minerals are mainly FeTiO3, TiO2, and perovskite, etc.. The treated ore to be volatile titanium tetrachloride, and then restore the obtained titanium magnesium. From: http://www.sinomaterial.com/products/titanium.htm

What is the cost of titanium per gram?

Titanium is worth one third of one cent per gram at 2008 prices It is not rare or precious, you're thinking platinum

What is an astrophyllite?

An astrophyllite is a rare, brown/yellow hydrous potassium iron titanium silicate mineral.

What is the hardest solid or liquid?

The hardest metal is the rare earth element Lutetium.The hardest solid is titanium.

What is the common uses of titanium?

Making use of its strength and light weight e.g. in implants, airplanes

What are the benefits of titanium necklace?

Titanium has silver color,after polishing,it looks very beautiful. Also it can be anodized to many colors including Gold,Blue,Black,Purple,Green and Rainbow. It is proved that titanium has Biocompatibility feautures,Skin is not allergic. Baoji HOSN Titanium Co., Ltd.

Are diamond rings limited to gold, silver and platinum bands, or can I buy a diamond titanium ring?

Titanium diamond rings, while more rare than gold, silver and platinum, are available at certain jewelers.

What is the electronegativity of titanium?

the electronegativity for titanium is 1.5 the electronegativity for titanium is 1.5 the electronegativity for titanium is 1.5 the electronegativity for titanium is 1.5

Can a patient be allergic to cobalt chrome and titanium alloys?

The allergy to cobalt and chromium is possible, but it is very rare; this is the cause of contact dermatitis. The allergy to titanium is very improbable; not confirmed, possible reported by patients with mental health problems.

What does titanium dioxide do for spots acne?

what does titanium does? what does titanium does?

What is the latin name for titanium?

The latin name for Titanium is Titanium. The Czech name for Titanium is Titan.

What is the chemical formula for titanium sulfide?

TiS for titanium sulfide (titanium(II) sulfide) and TiS2 for titanium disulfide (titanium(IV) sulfide)

What is the name of titanium ore?

The name of titanium ore is titanium.

What are the ingredients to titanium?

Titanium is an element, so its "ingredients" are: titanium.

What product is created from the element titanium?

Titanium is made in to lots of things like jewelry, titanium metal gifts, titanium material, & titanium parts. So, see there a lot of different stuff from titanium. :)

Is titanium dioxide the same as titanium?

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is a compound containing the Element, Titanium (Ti) and Oxygen (O)

Does titanium react with oxygen?

Titanium reacts with oxygen to form titanium oxide.

Does zinc react with titanium?

Zinc does not react with titanium but it could be alloyed with titanium.

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