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No, tofu is made form soya beans and is therefore a vegtable product.

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Is tofu dairy free?

Tofu is made from soy milk which is extracted from soy beans (bean curd). There is no dairy in regular tofu.

Is tofu cheese?

No, tofu is a bean product

Is there lactose in tofu?

No. Lactose exists in dairy products.

Is tofu a fish product?

No, tofu is made from soya bean milk and is purely plant origin product.

What is a dairy product that starts with a f?

Feta cheese is a dairy product. Fynbo cheese is a dairy product.

Is cream a dairy product?

Yes, cream is a dairy product.

What can you do with tofu?

If you are allergic to dairy products, but you want to make a cake that needs milk, you can use tofu instead and it tastes just as good! (my friend does this)

What is a bean curd product?

Bean curd is more commonly called 'tofu', or alternatively 'soy bean curd'. Any tofu based product is a bean curd product.

What is cheese?

A dairy product created by mold and milk.

What Wisconsin dairy product has 4 letters and starts with m?

Wisconsin is a major dairy product state. Milk is a dairy product from Wisconsin.

Is tofu a vegetarian product?

Yes, Tofu is bean curd; is a food made by coagulating soy milk.

Can tofu give allergic reactions?

Yes, tofu is a soy product, soy is a very common allergen.

Is bean a dairy product?

Beans are vegetables. NOT a dairy product ! Dairy products are milk, butter and cheese and related things made from animal milk.

Is cheese a dairy product?

Yes, cheese is made from milk, which is a dairy product.

Is beef a dairy product?

no it is a meat. cheese,milk etc are dairy dairy is a product made form milk

Is biscuit a dairy product?

If the biscuits contain Milk solids / Milk / Butter / Yogurt or any dairy product like chocolate it is considered to be a dairy product.

A dairy product that starts with the letter h?

Halloumi is a type of cheese. It is a dairy product.

What do dairy farm product?

The most important product of a dairy farm is usually milk.

Is melted butter a dairy product?

Yes, butter in any form is a dairy product.

Is bread a dairy product?

No, to be a dairy the product needs to be made from milk - bread is made from wheat and is therefore a bakery product.

Is imperial margarine a dairy product?

Margarine is not a dairy product: by definition, butter is milk fat and is dairy while margarine is made from vegetable fat, and is non dairy.

Is goat milk a dairy product?

Yes, milk from any type of mammal is a dairy product.

Why is cheese a dairy product?

Yes, cheese is considered a dairy product. Because it is made from milk

Is rotten milk a dairy product?

Yes. Milk is a dairy product regardless of whether or not it has spoiled.

Is ham a dairy product?

No. It is a pork product.

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