Is toluene polar nonpolar or ionic?


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Toluene is nonpolar.

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No it is not soluble in toluene because toluene is nonpolar and nacl is polar

It's not polar or nonpolar, but ionic.

No, ionic bond is only the ionic, the terms polar and nonpolar are used for covalent bonds only.

It is ionic, so it is nonpolar.

Sodium bromide is ionic and polar.

Copper sulfate is neither polar nor nonpolar. It is ionic.

Nonpolar. There is no place for hydrogen bonds to form and it is consisted entirely of carbon and hydrogen.

It is polar because it is ionic.

It is has polar bonds.They are polar covalent

Be and Cl form an ionic bond (BeCl2), and it is polar.

Sodium chloride is polar and ionic.

It is an ionic compound so it is polar.

It is an ionic polar solvent

pentane is nonpolar covalent compound

NaCl is an ionic compound, certainly not nonpolar.

It is ionic, so therefore it could be called polar.

Phosphorus trichloride is a polar compound.

There are two main types of bonds: covalent and ionic bonds. A covalent bond can be polar or nonpolar, but not ionic.

This bond is nonpolar covalent.

if the molecule is symmetrical, then it is nonpolar. if it is NOT symmetrical, it is polar. Ionic bonds form between a metal and a nonmetal.

K and F form an ionic bond so it is neither polar nor nonpolar.

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