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Logically, the term 'trizillion' might be used to describe three (or triple) zillion.

The term 'million' once indicated a huge amount, especially when referring to money. Five decades ago an impressive home could be built for $100,000; a million dollars was a lot of money back then.

Later, millionaires became commonplace and billionaires were the new millionaires. Now it's easier to say multi-billionaire than bother with exact words to describe how much money a person with multi-billions has; individual, government, and corporate wealth can change from day to day and even - in very exciting times - minute to minute.

So we use terms such as 'zillion', 'gazillion', and so on, to describe huge but nowhere-near-exact 'heaps', 'lots', 'countless', or 'never-ending' supplies or occurences of anything. Frequently we use these terms to describe relatively few, but overwhelming, numbers of something: 'We invited thirty, but somebody put it out on Twitter and we ended up with gazillions of people.' Not multi-billions, clearly, but at least over fifty, and too many to cater for.

While 'trizillion' mightn't - at the moment - be much use in maths class, there's no reason it can't join all the other words we need when we want to say there's more of something than we can easily imagine. We can always use more adjectives: look how functional 'humongous' turned out to be.


According to one webpage, 'That number after a trillion is now officially trizillion.' The intention seems to be to describe the next 'set' in a sequence of number sets, as in million, billion, trillion, trizillion, in which case it makes no sense. We already have billion, trillion, quadrillion, quintillion, and so on, in that series (which all have separate meanings in the UK and the US, but we needn't go into that here).

Trizillion certainly isn't 'officially' a word for a number: one webpage doesn't create a word. However, if zillions of people end up using it, it will become, officially, a word.
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What is a number?

A number is something that has a value of some sort, and adding two numbers, will get you another value.

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Number are things that you count up to the number infinaty!. Number are things that you count up to the number infinaty!

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So we can count our cash and so you have more to learn in school.

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Why is number 1 not a prime number?

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Is number 18 a prime number?

No, because it is divisible by both 2, 3, 6 and 9, as well as with 1 and itself. A prime number is only divisible by 1 and itself.

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Is losing $20, the same as gaining $20? Is driving 50 miles North the same as driving 50 miles South? Of course not!! Negative numbers are not the same as positive numbers!! True, but that does not apply to all numbers: 0 is the same as its additive inverse. 1 and -1 are the same a ( Full Answer )

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The roman numeral X stands for 10 1 = I 2 = II 3 = III 4 = IV 5 = V 6 = VI 7 = VII 8 = VIII 9 = IX 10 = X

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No 3 cubed is 27 4 cubed is 64 Strictly it is the cube of the cube root of 28. The common description is that it is not a perfect cube.

Why is the number 200 not a prim number?

You can tell right away just by looking at it that it's divisible by 10. A number isn't prime if it's divisible by anything else besides '1' and itself, and we found another one right away, so we already know that 200 can't be a prime number. Actually, 200 is divisible by: 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, ( Full Answer )

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All numbers that only have one and itself as factors are prime. Therefore, to tell if a number is prime simply find it's factors. If it has more than two factors than it is not a prime number.

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Numbers are unlimited... The largest one I can think of with a specific name is Graham's number. It's so large that writing it, even in scientific notation, would require more space than there is in the entire universe. However, it's possible to come up with algorithms to generate even larger num ( Full Answer )

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-10 or 0.1 are the best candidates. The first being the additive inverse and the second being the multiplicative inverse. But there are other possibilities.

Are natural numbers real numbers?

Yes, all natural numbers are real numbers. Natural numbers are a subset of real numbers, so not all real numbers are natural numbers.

Whole numbers are rational numbers?

Yes, since any integer x can be expressed as x/1, which is a rational number since both x and 1 are integers.

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I saw a truck marked 32 and i gambled on it and it won so use numbers visible to you and form a set of lotto numbers who to tell you might just be lucky

Why the number 133 not a prime number?

Well because it can be divide by 19 and 7 by 1 and its self. A prime number can only be divided by 1 and its self. In this case the number 133 is not only divisible by 1 and itself it is also divisible by 19 ,7 which makes it composite.

What is the maximum number of factors a number can have?

There is no upper limit. For example, take the powers of 2: 1 has 1 factor (1), 2 has two factors (1, 2), 4 has 3 factors (1, 2, 4), 8 has 4 factors (1, 2, 4, 8), etc.; you can keep multiplying indefinitely by 2, to add one more factor.

Why is the number of neutrons the atomic number?

the number of neutrons is not the atomic number. The atomic number of an atom is the atoms number of protons. The number of protons is same as the number of electrons. The number of protons is used as the atomic number so that the elements can be easily organized in polarity size and bonding pro ( Full Answer )

Which numbers have the greatest number of significant numbers?

The significant digits in a number can be arbitrarily small or large in number, according to the method of creating them. Numbers that can have an infinite number of possible significant digits are called transcendental numbers .

Can a number be a natural number and a real number?

All natural numbers are also real numbers, but all real numbers are not necessarily natural numbers because natural numbers are positive whole numbers. Real numbers are any number on the number line, which includes irrational numbers like pi and sqrt2. Thus only the positive natural numbers are both ( Full Answer )

Is there a number that is a cube number and a square number?

Yes - there is an infinite number of such numbers. Just take the counting numbers (1,2,3,4, etc...) and put them to the power of 6 (i.e. multiply it by itself 6 times). The sequence of such numbers starts: 1, 64, 729, 4096, 15625, 46656, etc...

What number has no numbers?

The number zero, 0, has no numbers. It has been given a number but contains nothing. The definition of zero is 'A cardinal number indicating the absence of any or all units under consideration.' (see related link for verification.)

What is a number that is a natural number and an irrational number?

Natural numbers are a part of rational numbers. All the naturalnumbers can be categorized in rational numbers like 1, 2,3 are alsorational numbers.Irrational numbers are those numbers which are notrational and can be repeated as 0.3333333.