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It is a rocky planet but smaller and colder than the earth

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Is mars rocky planet that is much warmer and larger than earth?

It's a rocky planet, but is much smaller than earth and colder.

Is mars a rocky planet larger than earth?

It is a rocky planet that is much smaller and colder than earth.

Is earth a gas planet or rocky?

Earth is a rocky planet because it has a solid crust

What planet is the largest rocky planet?

Earth is the largest rocky planet. After Earth is Venus, then Mars, and then the smallest, Mercury.

If the Jupiter is much larger than the earth why does it have lower density?

because jupiter is a gaseous planet while earth is rocky.

Can a rock can be bigger then the earth?

A rock that is larger than Earth would be a planet in its own right. Rocky planets larger than Earth do exist outside of our solar system.

Is earth the smallest rocky planet?

No. Pluto is a fairly rocky planet and is a lot smaller than Earth.

What rocky planet is third from the sun?

Earth is the third rocky planet from the sun.

Is earth moon an rocky planet?

Yes Earths Moon is a rocky planet

What kind of a plant is earth?

Earth is not a "plant", it is a "planet" - a rocky planet.

What type is earth rocky or gas giant?

Earth is a rocky planet because the gas giants are in the outer planets and earth is in the inner planet.

Is earth a rocky planet?

Yes, Earth is a rocky planet, in contrast with the gas planets like Saturn, Jupiter, etc.

Is earth a rock or a gas planet?

Earth is a rocky planet

What type of planet is earth?

Earth is a large terrestrial planet commonly known as a rocky planet.

Which planet is rocky?

Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars they are the rocky planets

Which planet is largest rocky?

Earth is the largest of the terrestrial (rocky) planets.

Why is earth a terrestrial planet?

Its a terrestrial planet because the terrestrial planets have dense rocky crusts and earth (as you know) has a dense rocky crust.

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