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Is tubidy legal?

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Yes!! We will all die by using Tubidy because the site contains bugs, viruses, and Identity Theft. *sarcasm*

Bro, do watcha gotta do to get what you want

I'd rather get that funny cat video for free on my phone than:

- Going to

- Registering for a website contract with a limit/price

It is completely safe and resourceful!

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Is downloading from tubidy legal?

it's not legal,but it is completely safe! BUT I would keep in mind not to fall for the ads ;)

Is Tubidy illegal?

No! I'm quite sure tubidy is leagel because if there was such thing as an illegal website it would get blocked or deleted so no tubidy is not illegal.

Can you use tubidy on android?

Yes, you can use Tubidy over Android device, head over to the Google PlayStore and look out for Tubidy application, install it over your device and you will be good to go !

How do you upload a video to tubidy?

Tubidy.Mobi for Android - Tubidy MP4 HD Videos For PC

Does tubidy work on a HTC wildfire?

No tubidy doesn't work, but / works on HTC Wilfires

Is downloading music from tubidy legal?

It is definately ILLEGAL. There are several reasons for my answer.- First of all, the videos and MP3s on Tubidy are NOT uploaded by users. Tubidy grabs videos from YouTube, converts them into mobile friendly formats for video and music. Proof of this is in the fact that all Tubidy's preview images are the same as those found on YouTube videos.- Secondly, because Tubidy grabs videos without permission, that means that they are in violation of copyright laws against not only YouTube, but also the artists whose music it distributes for free. This results in them playing a cat and mouse game they play where YouTube occasionally blocks Tubidy from scraping their content, but Tubidy find a way around it eventually, and the cycle continues. This is why from time to time, you find that Tubidy might not be updated. That is why Tubidy is run in secret.The thing about Tubidy though, is that it is run under a dark shroud of secrecy by a company named "Mobiventura."I don't endorse downloading 'free' music online for it is exactly the same as STEALING. If you cant afford it now just listen to fm or internet radio till you can.God bless you

How do you save songs from tubidy to your iPad?

It dont work on tubidy but you can try mp3 skull it works on mine. Hope it helped

Where can you download songs to my phone phone?


Can you use tubidy on iPhone?

Ney lad

How do I downloads a full album from tubidy?


FREE VIDEO download websites name?


Where can I download Waterloo Sunset by the Rushes?

probably Tubidy ??

Can you download song onto your iPod touch using tubidy?

You should be able to, probably if you have installed flash. the ipod uses facebook mobile, so it should be able to downloaad things from tubidy :)

How do you download music to a zte c79?

Use websites like tubidy

What is a good free music download site which is unblocked?

tubidy .com

How do you get your tubidy songs from your ihpone into itunes on youre iPhone?

you click something

Can you use tubidy on an iPhone 4?

Tubidy is small java application program to watch a collection of free 3gp format videos from all smart phonesGo to: download musicTubidy.Mobi Mobile Video Search is a boon to all that enjoy searching and watching videos on their mobiles. Tubidy Free is java based application allows mobile users to watch in 3gp and mp4 formats using their smart phones.

How do you save songs from tubidy to your iPod?

You can't , only works with blackberry I think

Where can you download musics from the Internet?

Tubidy is a very useful website for mp3 downloads

How do you download from tubidy on sony Ericsson?

Download it from the Internet tiocfaidh ar la

Can you download song onto your ipod touch useing tubidy?

No, u can't unfourantly ://

How do you download a song onto your Ipod via Tubidy?

Don't think you can I've tried loads of times to do it but haven't been successful, the only way to do so is to download a music downloading app then download the song from tubidy via the app

How do you download songs on your blackberry PlayBook?

You go on the Internet and type in tubidy and bobs your uncle ;D

How do you download songs off Tubidy?

On a apple iPhone or iPod touch you can't download it but you can listen to it. On a Blackberry you click MP3 audio and are able to press save or open.

How do you download Britney Spears one more time song?

Go on to tubidy type in the name of song click on the video then go down to 3mp download and click and then click on save.