Is tubidy legal?

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Yes!! We will all die by using Tubidy because the site contains bugs, viruses, and Identity Theft. *sarcasm*
Bro, do watcha gotta do to get what you want
I'd rather get that funny cat video for free on my phone than:
- Going to
- Registering for a website contract with a limit/price

It is completely safe and resourceful!
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How do you become legal?

By turning 18. if your under 18, but at least 16years old, you can apply for"emancipation." But that's a long legal road. == If you are referring to becoming a legal immigrant, you have toapply for a "green card" and then abide by the conditions of thatgreen card. Alternatively, you can apply for ( Full Answer )

Why is Legal Weed Legal?

There is no such thing as legal weed in the United States. There are state regulations that allow medical marijuana but on a federal level it is still a crime.

Is FrostWire legal?

Well, It Depends How You Use It FrostWire in itself is legal. FrostWire can be used as a peer-to-peer file-transferring system it is ileagle for people to post it copyrighted files on the the program but not ileagle to get it from them. In other words, FrostWare is legal as long as ( Full Answer )

What is a legal precedent?

a legal precedent is principles of law set down by a higher court that are binding on lower courts in the same hierachy

Is cheese legal?

Yes, very legal. It depends what type of cheese. if it is the great Chinese leaping cheese which is banned from all 50 states of America, then yes.this cheese is more deadly than any other cheese. Except blue ofcourse. the great Chinese leaping cheese attacks the throats and gullets of the unwilling ( Full Answer )

Why is p2p legal?

Because there is nothing inherently wrong with sharing files over the internet. it is only when those files are copyrighted that it becomes an issue.

When is murder legal?

Murder is, by definition, the unlawful killing of another person. There are times when killing is not murder, but murder is never legal.

Is jamglue legal?

Yeah it is legal, its even sponsored by some artist but however somr users might upload without permission.

Is it legally cheating if you are legally separated?

First, "cheating" is not a legal term. It is slang that refers to a married person being unfaithful to their legal spouse or partner. A legal separation is not a legal divorce. Having an intimate relationship with someone other than your legal spouse is adultery. If you wish to do that legally you s ( Full Answer )

Is it legal to copy legal tender?

It is illegal because it is considered counterfeiting. Actually you can, however, you can not make it the same size. It needs to be either noticably larger or smaller. This is based on experience. An employer of my ex was all pleased about a new copier he got for the store in the mall and made cop ( Full Answer )

What is legalism?

This is a heretical doctrine that slips intoChristianity from time to time and that Paul repeatedly attacks inhis letters. It is a form of salvation by works in which one attemptsto save oneself by strictly following "the law", whether it is theJewish law that Paul complained about or another. ( Full Answer )

What is a legal will?

A last will and testament that meets the requirements for the jurisdiction in which it was executed.

What is legal custody with legal?

As far as I know legal custody is which is done legally meanscleared all the legal process. But still its better to ask anyexpert and if you want then there is one of my friend you can askhim

Is your husband legal if you were legally married?

If you're in the US and assuming you're talking about immigration issues... Merely marrying a US citizen does not make someone 'legal' or give them the right to remain in the country.

What is legalism and what is it about?

Legalism is the 3rd philosophy of ancient China. It was made by the 3rd thinker, Hanfeizi. Hanfeizi believed that humans were naturally evil. Because of his thinking, he wanted people to have harsh laws and strict punishments. Many aristocrats in China like the idea. They liked the idea because it f ( Full Answer )

Is legal weed really legal?

No. Federal law says no. State law doesn't matter if Federal law says something else.

How legal is a will?

A valid will is 100% legal and will be upheld in a probate court. The testator's estate will be distributed according to the provisions in the will. If a will is found to be invalid, the decedent's property will be distributed according to the state laws of intestacy.

What can you legally do at 23?

What country, state/province and city are you referring to? Thelaws differ between federal jurisdiction, state and even localmunicipal legislatures. Generally speaking, if you are in America,you can smoke legal substances, consume alcohol and enter 21+establishments. The only two things you can't do ( Full Answer )

Is streaming a legal?

If you are asking whether or not it is illegal to stream media suchas movies and TV shows, it depends on if that content is beingstreamed from a legitimate hosting site (such as Hulu or Netflix).In those cases, it is legal because that media is being paid for bythe hosting site. However, if you are ( Full Answer )

Where are bazookas legal?

They're legal in the US, so long as you have the appropriate Destructive Device permit. This is where it gets difficult, as most states require there to be a reason for you owning one. None that I'm aware of will grant you that class of permit for personal use only.

Is Ritalin legal?

It is legal if you have a prescription for it. If it is not prescribed it is illegal because it is a schedule II substance which means it is in the same class of drugs as meth, coke, and morphine. Ritalin is prescribed for obesity, chronic fatigue, ADHD/ADD depression, narcolepsy, and other things ( Full Answer )

Is mp3fiy legal?

of-course it is, lots of people use it including me! and suppose if it illegal than what about about you-tube downloader? or Download helper, a Firefox extension?! out there are alot of softwares which are specifically designed for you tube lovers and they not only give you music but also the whole ( Full Answer )

What is the legal name for legal wrongs?

There are a few categories here, and this answer is very, very broad-brush. From a civil perspective, a wrong perpetrated by one person on another in the absence of an agreement between them is called a tort. Where the wrong violates an agreement between two people, it is called a breach of contrac ( Full Answer )

What is a legal problem?

A great legal problem is: How to punish a person that saved or helped a lot of people by doing something illegal. This is an interesting problem because one does not want to encourage illegal behaviour but at the same time one want to encourage helping people. Unfortunately the world is full of ( Full Answer )

Is newgrounds legal?

I'm not exactly sure but if it was illegal it would be gone and the creator would be sued for copyrighted crap

Is gifting legal?

This depends on the gifting circumstance. A parent to a child, yes. In business, it is considered unethical practices and could raise conflict of interest claims.

Is dizzler legal?

Yes, it is legal because they have advertisements on their website, you also may notice that they don't have some songs because they haven't bought that song.

Is there legal pot?

There is no such thing as "legal pot". Marijuana, or pot, is a Schedule I controlled substance under federal drug policy, and as such is labeled to have a high potential for abuse, and no accepted medical use, as well as questions as to the safety of the drug. While many of these claims are refuted ( Full Answer )

Is legal? is a site that can help you to search files such as Music, Video, Images, Software, Ebook, Document, Powerpoint, Excel, File Sharing, Torrent, Lyrics, News, Jobs and Search Name from Social Networking Sites on other services. It only helps to search for the download link to the other s ( Full Answer )

Is veetle legal?

Well Veetle TV is Legal But it is Illegal to watch movies ur supposed to pay for at the cinema so....

Are ecoupons legal?

internet coupons are mostly legal to use as to what store it is, more likely that a private shop etc. will be lilegal

Is hulkshare legal?

The website is legal because in its terms of service it states that no copyright material is allowed. Therefore, when people post copyright material the website is not responsible. Downloading copyrighted material without paying is illegal no matter what website it is from unless it is allowed by th ( Full Answer )

Is FridayNightCrankscom Legal?

It's possible that it's all made up. However, to the extent that it's "real", it doesn't necessarily count as harassment unless they are calling repeatedly. And it doesn't count as obscene unless they are actually being obscene. There may be some times where they are crossing a line, but it would ( Full Answer )

Is Tubidy illegal?

No! I'm quite sure tubidy is leagel because if there was such thing as an illegal website it would get blocked or deleted so no tubidy is not illegal.

How do legalism achieve legal order?

Since the first emperor of china had to rule a whole country he hadto have strict rules.... Brief: the emperor executed everyone whobroke the law..this way he could achieve oder in the legalism.

Is a pipe with legal bud in it is it legal?

There's no such thing as "legal bud" in the United States. Marijuana is illegal under federal law, period, and regardless of what the state law says, federal law still applies and at best you're limited to hoping that federal law enforcement has better things to do (they often do, so unless you're b ( Full Answer )

Is tubidy free?

i don't know because whenever i go on to it , it says about money ,so does anyone know the answer ?

Do legal documents have to be on legal paper?

if you are referring to legal paper as the larger than 8.5 x 11 then the answer is no. Court documents are usually defined as to format by each court. Each has its own header.

How do you download songs off Tubidy?

On a apple iPhone or iPod touch you can't download it but you canlisten to it. On a Blackberry you click MP3 audio and are able topress save or open.

This is legal?

If you are referring to asking questions, then it is legal. I don't know exactly what you mean.

Does tubidy music download cost?

Completely free! That is why it is so popular, but it doesn't have 'EVERY VID IN THE WORLD'. Though, it is still a FREE reliable resource for downloading: 1. 3pg Mobile Video 2. 3pg Hi. Res Mobile Video 3. 3pg Mobile Video Parts (usually by the min.) 4. Mp3 Mobile Audio You can upload videos of yo ( Full Answer )

Can you use tubidy on an iPhone 4?

Tubidy is small java application program to watch a collection of free 3gp format videos from all smart phones Go to: Search: download music Tubidy.Mobi Mobile Video Search is a boon to all that enjoy searching and watching videos on their mobile ( Full Answer )

Is tubidy safe?

It depends: Bugs/Viruses/Identity Theft - SAFE Adult Content - Optional Our site will give you a warning to assure that you are aware that you can "Enable Adult Content" This option if verified and confirmed can be disabled by returning to the homepage.

How do you download a song onto your Ipod via Tubidy?

Don't think you can I've tried loads of times to do it but haven't been successful, the only way to do so is to download a music downloading app then download the song from tubidy via the app

Is downloading music from tubidy legal?

It is definately ILLEGAL . There are severalreasons for my answer. . - First of all, the videos and MP3s on Tubidy are NOT uploadedby users. Tubidy grabs videos from YouTube, converts them intomobile friendly formats for video and music. Proof of this is inthe fact that all Tubidy's preview image ( Full Answer )

How do you upload video to tubidy?

To upload a video to Tubidy, you would need to do this from a movile device. It is important to make sure you have downloaded the app as well. You upload it to the website directly from your phone as an attachment.

Should marijuana be legal or in legal?

The only reason it's still illegal is because the FDA has classified it as a "schedule 1 drug". Schedule 1 drugs are those with no medical uses at all. However, as everyone knows it has many medical uses. The FDA also has a patent on marijuana as a brain protectant. So, once they sort out that contr ( Full Answer )