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Chances are, when you did your ultrasound it was the umbilical cord that was seen and not a penis. The 2 are very easily mistaken.

Yes, it is certainly accurate. You can generally find out between 4.5-6 months of pregnancy. If you have a talented radiologist that just makes it all the more easy for you to get a more accurate idea of the sex of the baby.

This is the most common time to be able to tell the baby's sex. Before this there is not much dirrerence between the sexes, and after this other parts of the baby get in the way as there is not so much room. However you may have a coy baby who will not reveal its sex no matter how good the scan.

i have two kids and i found out with both of mine the swx. one scan WA at 17.5 weeks and the 2nd scan was at 20 weeks. good luck

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Q: Is ultrasound scanning accurate enough to reveal a baby's sex at 20 weeks?
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Is ultrasound scanning accurate enough to reveal a baby's sex at 17 weeks?

they normally wait until 20 weeks, so I don't know how accurate it would be at 17 weeks. I would suggest getting another scan at 25 weeks if you get one at 17 weeks

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