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Is umaga married?

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Not sure if he was, but he's dead.

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Was WWE umaga married?


Has umaga got a girlfriend?

. Answer: Actually he was married at the time of his death.

Who in the WWE and tna are married?

your mom and umaga LOLZ just kiddin' no one is

Was Umaga married?

he was but he died on December 4,2009 his real name was Edward Fatu died at the age of 36. Yes he was married.

Who is fatter umaga or big show?


What is magandang umaga in filipino?

magandang umaga

Are the rock and umaga related?

Umaga died from a heart attack :(...

Who is your favourite football player?

tana umaga tana umaga

Is umaga rikishi?

no umaga and rikishi are brothers and the rock is their cousin

Was WWE superstar umaga at the Sacramento event?

Umaga Is Dead!

How tall is Tana Umaga?

Tana Umaga is 187 cm.

What is Tana Umaga full name?

'Tana' Jonathan Falefasa Umaga.

Is umaga having children?

Umaga died December 4th 2009

Is WWE super star umaga dead?

Yes Umaga is dead.

How do you say magandang umaga in batangas language?


How did WWE superstar umaga die?

Eddie Fatu (aka Umaga) was rushed to a hospital on December 4, 2009. He was found by his wife. Yes, Umaga did die at age 38. Umaga was great, I didn't want anything to happen, but to late.R.I.P. Eddie Fatu (aka Umaga)

Is Umaga related to Rikishi?

yes they are related umaga and rikishi are brothers,belive it or not

When was Tana Umaga born?

Tana Umaga was born on May 27, 1973.

How old was Umaga?

Eddie Fatu (aka Umaga) was 36 years old.

Is WWE umaga WWE rikishi's son?

Umaga was not Rikishi's son but his brother.

When was Panganay ng Umaga created?

Panganay ng Umaga was created in 1981.

When was Mike Umaga born?

Mike Umaga was born on 1966-02-19.

When did Darating ang Umaga end?

Darating ang Umaga ended in 2004.

When was Darating ang Umaga created?

Darating ang Umaga was created in 2003.

Will umaga return to the WWE?

Umaga died in 2009.