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Yes, it is predicted that he will return soon to active competition

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The Undertaker will be coming back to WWE Monday February 21 2011

no he not he is retire from the wwe

no undertaker is to hurt to be coming to soon

yes the night after elimination chamber 2011

According to WWE Magazine, Undertaker is coming back October 23 at a new WWE pay-per-view called Vengeance.

Yes he will come back to the wwe

He is coming back February 21,2011

yes Undertaker is coming back in about march or April I'm guessing.

No, but the rock iz coming

Yes,undertaker is coming back in 2012 but in wrestling mania 28

He is in his home. And he will returned at wwe vengence 23 oct 2011. Officialy dec

It is possible that The Undertaker will be returning to WWE at SummerSlam (2010).

he was coming back to the ring because he doesnt give up

At least the rock, triple h and the undertaker.

Possibly but in my opinion, he will just come back to announce his retirement.

undertaker should come back hell in a cell during mark henry match

No he has too much respect for the Undertaker to come back.

He is coming back at the 2011 Royal Rumble.

edge will return , kane will return , undertaker will be coming back , triple h will return and rey also.

who is coming back to the wwe in 2010 Maybe Stone Cold-Steve Austin I am not shure but in 2011 !

He is coming back to WWE Royal Rumble 2011 and will be commentary on the Smackdown Team!

wwe is coming back to Arizona in June 2011 on a Tuesday. i think it's smackdown.

wwe sumerslam 2010 he is not injured he is getting liposuction (PS..... he is getting surgry)

the reason why he left was because he was having troubles with his wife. But He Is Coming Back.

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