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No. Support amounts are based upon the income and assets of the non custodial parent. The amount is not increased because the custodial parent is not employed because the money is for the support of the child not the custodial parent.

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Q: Is unemployment of the custodial parent used to determine child support?
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Does a non custodial parent have to pay child support to primary custodial parent if the custodial parent is uneployed?

Yes, you do have to pay child support.

If you are the custodial parent and the non custodial parent loses his job will he still have to pay you child support?

Yes, if he has other income, such as unemployment compensation. And he might go back to court and get the order modified.

Does non custodial parent have to pay child support if the custodial parent doesn't want it?

Well no, but if the custodial parent need benefits or financial support form the state the non-custodial parent will be asked by the state for child support. Parents are first responsible to support their child.

Do you pay child support on unemployment in Washington state?

Yes, unemployment benefits are subject to garnishment for child support obligations. In most instances the amount of support can be reduced until the non custodial parent is reemployed.

Does a child have to live with custodial parent in order for custodial parent to receive support?


Can a mother receive child support if she is getting unemployment?

Yes, child support would continue even if the custodial parent loses his or her job and is collecting child support.

What constitutes custodial parent in reference to child support?

The custodial parent is the parent with custody/guardianship of the child.

Will Social Security Disability affect a custodial parent's child support amount?

No. The non custodial parent's income and assets in conjunction with state laws pertaining to the issue determine the amount of child support that should be paid. The income of the custodial parent is only considered in very rare circumstances.

Does the custodial parent have to work to get child support in Virginia?

No, the custodial parent does not have to work to get their support. The support goes from the child's other biological parent.Ê

If a non-custodial parent refuses to pay child support can the custodial parent stop visitation?

custodial parent should take it to court. if the custodial parent keeps the child away from the non custodial parent then the custodial parent could do jail time

What if a non-custodial parent is paying child support to a custodial parent for a child who does not even live with the custodial parent?

Contact your child support office or court that issued the child support order and request a modification of the child support order.

Do the non-custodial parent have to pay child support if he or she gives full custody?

If the non-custodial parent becomes the custodial parent they do not have to pay child support. It's the non-custodial who pay to the custodial who is the one who takes care of the child every day.

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