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Yes. My sister-in-law has been treated for an irregular heart beat for 5 years now and just a month ago she had eyelid surgery and faired very well. The surgeon will get all the specifics on you (be sure to tell the surgeon the medications you are on) and when surgery is scheduled it's usually on an "out patient basis" meaning you can go home in a few hours after surgery. They will monitor you during the procedure (approx. 1 hour) and after the surgery.

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Is it normal after open heart surgery for the heart to beat irregular?


When is surgery recommended for congenital heart defects?

Surgery is recommended for congenital heart defects that result in a lack of oxygen, a poor quality of life, or a patient who does not thrive.

What is heart surgery?

A heart surgery is surgery preformed on the heart.

What causes a septum to enlarge?

it is called an enlarged heart and it is when the chambers in your heart are enlarged most people get treated for it by having surgery but if not treated can cause heart attack and an irregular heartbeat wich can lead to death most people are born with this sever condition it is called an enlarged heart and it is when the chambers in your heart are enlarged most people get treated for it by having surgery but if not treated can cause heart attack and an irregular heartbeat wich can lead to death most people are born with this sever condition

How can you stop someone's heart with your mind?

I suppose you could take the brain tissue out (not recommended) and perform an open heart surgery on the person where you clog there heart valves with your brain tissue.

Did Miley Cyrus have a donated heart?

Miley Cyrus suffers from Tachycardia (hole in heart), and her heart was not a donation. Though the disease is not fatal with surgery, symptons include vomiting, dizziness & pain in hands and feet. Surgery is highly recommended when this condition is diagnosed, otherwise heart failure is followed.

Who should not get Enemas?

Enemas should not be administered to individuals who have recently had colon or rectal surgery, a heart attack, or who suffer from an unknown abdominal condition or an irregular heartbeat

Why Heart Surgery?

Heart surgery can be used to treat a variety of coronary problems. Everything from valve issues, to holes in the heart, congenital defects, and heart attacks can all be successfully treated through surgery. Heart surgery can be used to bypass blocked arteries, repair faulty valves that control blood flow to the different chambers of the heart, implant devices to fix irregular heartbeats, or even to fix aneurysms. Whatever the reason for surgery, it can be both a life-saving and a life-extending procedure. Today's technology has made this procedure safer than it's ever been, and the success rates are amazing.

What are the normal results of myocardial resection?

Anywhere from 5-25% of post-heart attack patients do not survive open-heart surgery. The survivors have a 90% arrhythmia-free one-year survival rate, (arrthymia is an irregular heart beat).

Can you die from Vyvanse?

Yes you can, because it messes with the bodys central nervous system, as well as the heart, and can cause irregular heart beating which can lead to death. This is only however from taking more than recommended dosage.

What is it called to Specialize in heart surgery?

Cardiac surgeons specialize in heart surgery.

Are you a candidate for ablation?

Ablation refers to a surgical procedure to correct heart murmurs and irregular heartbeat. Candidates for cardiac ablation surgery are under 80 years of age and are not responding to medications and other treatments for their heart condition.

When is immediate treatment needed for an irregular heartbeat?

When the heartbeat is greatly disrupted--either because of traumatic injury, disease, hypertension, surgery, or reduced blood flow to the heart caused by blockages in the blood vessels that nourish the heart.

What is the difference between open heart surgery and bi pass surgery?

The term "open heart surgery" is really used incorrectly. We use it to mean a surgery where the chest is cut open to get the heart. A "bypass surgery" is where they cut open your chest and reroute the large blood vessels (arteries) on the outside of the heart. We do wrongfully call Bypass Surgery a type of Open Heart Surgery. But I would call a real "open heart surgery" where they cut open the chest and then cut open the heart to work inside the heart, like replace valves.

What heart disease are irregular heart patterns indicative of?

An irregular heartbeat is an indication of a heart arrythmia, which can be dangerous or fatal if not treated right away by a licensed physician or cardiologist.

How soon can you fly after heart bypass surgery?

How soon can you fly after heart bypass surgery

Has Whitney Duncan had heart surgery?

Yes, She had heart surgery when she was 2 years old.

How many times can you have open heart surgery?

I have had open heart surgery 4 times.

What is cardiac surgery?

Cardiac surgery is surgery on the heart and/or great vessels. It's done to reat complications of ischemic heart disease, correct congenital heart disease or treat valvular heart disease, and heart transplantation.

After open heart surgery do you regrow your veins in your legs?

No, you do not have to. They should still be there before and after heart surgery.

When was Open Heart Surgery created?

Open Heart Surgery was created on 2000-08-08.

Does an irregular heart beat cause indigestion?


Will having heart surgery disqualify you from getting into the military i have had heart surgery but it doesn't affect my physical abilities i have a heart rate between 35-40 bpm?

Having heart surgery can disqualify you from getting into the military.

What does a heart surgeon do?

She performs surgery on the heart. This could be valve replacement, bypass surgery, plus others.

What caused Cristiano Ronaldo to have heart surgery?

Christiano Ronaldo has not undergone any heart surgery yet.