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Velvet is synthetic.

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Is velvet a synthetic or natural fiber?

Velvet is not a fiber per-se. It is a type of cloth produced by a particular method of weaving on a special loom. It can be made for either natural or synthetic fibers. Natural fibers you might expect to find in velvet include cashmere wool, silk, and cotton. Synthetic fibers that have been substituted for these natural fibers usually can also be woven into velvet fabric.

Did velvet exist in 10th 11th 12th century?

Velvet is synthetic, not a natural fabric, so it wasn't around earlier that the 19th century.

Is velvet natural or synthetic?

Velvet is a woven fabric where the softness comes from weaving cut threads evenly throughout the fabric. If you magnify it, it winds up looking a bit like shag carpeting. The original velvet fabrics were made for nobility from very soft materials like Cashmere wool. Silk is also used to make very expensive types of velvet since the fibers are so soft but also tough. You can get velvet made from these kind of exotic natural materials, but most natural-fiber velvet is now made with cotton. Velvet can also be made from synthetic fibers, but may not be quite as soft as that made from natural fibers.

Is concrete natural or synthetic?

It is synthetic, but what we use to make concrete is natural AND synthetic.

What fabrics are not synthetic?

Examples are wool, cotton, flax.More specifically, materials, not fabrics, are natural or synthetic. Some synthetic materials are dacron, nylon, polyester, etc. Some natural materials are wool, cotton, flax, silk, etc. Materials are fabricated into fabrics like velvet, chiffon, broadcloth, knits, percale, etc.

Is synthetic natural gas available?

is bromine natural or synthetic?

Is fleece natural or synthetic?

Fleece can be natural but also synthetic.

Can polymers be natural or synthetic?

Both natural and synthetic polymers are known. Natural: Rubber, Silk Synthetic: Polystyrene, Polyethylene

Is Oxycontin natural or synthetic?


Is polyester synthetic or natural?


Is Valium a synthetic or a natural?


Is toothpaste a natural or synthetic?

it is synthetic

Is copper naturally made or is it synthetic?

copper is natural synthetic cause its natural resources are very important so they turn into beeing natural synthetic so that's why it is synthetic

How can you identify a natural and synthetic fiber?

NATURAL FIBRE : Fibres obtain from natural sources. SYNTHETIC FIBRE : Fibre made from synthetic chemical

Is sodium synthetic or natural?

SyntheticYou can read more about its natural form, below.

What are the examples of natural and synthetic fibers?

Cotton and wool are natural; nylon is synthetic.

Is polyester natural or synthetic?

Polyester is synthetic.

Is amphetamines a natural or synthetic drug?

they are synthetic.

Is magnesium oxide a natural or synthetic?


Is stainless steel natural or synthetic?


Is hexyl acetate natural or synthetic?


What is the difference between natural and synthetic?

The difference between natural and synthetic things are that synthetic things are not real. The definition for synthetic is: artificial; not genuine. Natural things are things that can be found in nature and is real.

What advantages do natural fabric have over synthetic fabric?

natural fabric a sobs more water the synthetic fabric. natural fabric is natural plants. synthetic fabric is man made.

Which synthetic material was named by combining the french word for velvet and hook?


Is Velvet a synthetic fiber?

we dont know so suck it up! get a life!